Kingston Fresh Sees Strong Supplies for "Sugar Pine" Pineapples

Kingston Fresh's supplies of its Costa Rican Kingston "Sugar Pine" golden pineapples are lining up nicely to meet peak demand for spring promotions, according to a press release.

"Overall, our Costa Rican crop looks great and setting up nicely for good volume and quality for the spring. While the sizing profile is running a bit heavy to the larger sizes right now, overall volume forecasts for April and May look to be ideal for strong pineapples promotion", said Kingston Fresh President, Ken Nabal. "We are working hard to build a stronger Kingston product portfolio that is customer driven and remain focused in delivering our brand promise—a relentless commitment to quality, food safety and customer service."

Though pineapples are still the flagship import program for Kingston Fresh, the company has also recently branched out into several other programs including cantaloupes, honeydews, and watermelons from Guatemala. Also, seedless grapes and citrus from Chile.

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