Legend Produce's Justin Bootz Discusses the California Cantaloupe Market

Legend Produce's Justin Bootz Discusses the California Cantaloupe Market

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MENDOTA, CA - Summer is officially in full swing! Though this July will probably witness more virtual barbecues, poolside parties, and seasonal soirees than ever before, summer staples like melons and cantaloupes will still be front and center on consumers’ menus. I chatted with Justin Bootz, Sales, to learn all there is to learn about Legend Produce’s current Origami season so that retailers can stock up while the market is hot.

Justin Bootz, Sales Associate, Legend Produce“We are currently harvesting in California and it’s going great. We’re hitting big volumes right now and the quality is excellent, especially on our Origami crop. Nearly 100 percent of our crop is Origami, full-slip western cantaloupe. Over the many years we have been growing Origami, we have gotten closer and closer to perfecting the growing and harvesting of it in different regions,” Justin explained.

These varying regions include Yuma and Maricopa, Arizona—both of which Legend Produce will continue going strong in for the next couple of weeks.

Legend Produce is currently harvesting cantaloupes in California, hitting big volumes and excellent quality especially on its Origami crop

Back in California, Legend Produce cantaloupes are experiencing perfect growing weather, which is helping the fruit develop that beautiful, iconic Origami appearance. Justin noted the Origamis are shaping up to have a strong aroma, sweet flavor, and excellent quality in sizes 9s/12s.

“The weather has been very cooperative, providing great growing conditions that have resulted in a very good crop,” Justin added. “We also have good volumes and availability and will continue to see good volumes for the rest of the summer. The market for cantaloupe is relatively steady at the moment and prices are above average.”

Over the many years Legend Produce has been growing Origami cantaloupe, its team has worked toward perfecting the growing and harvesting of this exclusive variety in both California and Arizona

There you have it, retailers! Cantaloupes, especially those from Legend Produce, are one sure-fire way to incite a sales hike in your produce aisles this summer.

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