Limonik Produce Releases Summer Lime Forecast

Limonik Produce Releases Summer Lime Forecast

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ONTARIO, CA - For shoppers, and therefore retailers, limes are a quintessential summer fruit that adds extra zest to a variety of drinks and recipes. As the season approaches, Limonik Produce enlisted the help of its scouting team in Mexico to get a better perspective of what the upcoming season will hold.

“The fruit hanging on the trees now and ready to harvest is coming from a lot of stress, due to lack of rain and high temperatures,” the company stated in a recent newsletter update. “What this means; small sizes, smooth skin, light green, low shelf-life, and some yellowing depending on how the limes are handled.”

Limonik Produce revealed that the limes ready to harvest now will be small with smooth, light green skin and have low shelf-life due to stress from lack of rain and high temperatures

Usually, growing regions in Mexico with irrigation will mostly start harvesting in June and July; however, this year, harvest will start in August with low volumes, Limonik went on to explain. Due to these lower volumes, prices will start to increase on all sizes of Fancy/#1 quality limes.

Moving into July and August, a lack of rain will continue to have impacts on the volume of limes being harvested, with supplies remaining short. Although prices are not yet clear for this period, Limonik estimates all sizes of limes will be expensive in comparison to prior years, going from $20 to $40 FOB TX, from the smaller sizes to the bigger sizes.

As more insights on the lime market come to light, AndNowUKnow will continue to provide details.

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