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Love Beets Introduces New

Love Beets Introduces New "Beet Salsa" in Time for Big Game

ROCHESTER, NY – Love Beets has launched a fun new product just in time for the #BigGame: Beet Salsa. A new twist on the classic party favorite, the salsa features fresh green pepper, jalapeno, and cilantro alongside the titular ingredient.

George Shropshire, General Manager, Love Beets

“Beet Salsa has been in the works, behind the scenes at Love Beets for some time now. We are excited that it has finally hit the market with the recipe, packaging, and overall execution perfected,” said George Shropshire, General Manager of Love Beets. “It is always delightful to launch an all-natural, gluten-free, vegan product that gives shoppers and retailers a fresh way to consume our favorite vegetable.”

Love Beets beet salsa

Though the salsa is not Love Beets' first foray into experimental beet remixes, this one stands out with its clever packaging—featuring a peel and reseal tab—and pre-diced beets, and it may be used as a traditional salsa or as an addition to other dishes.

Daniel Cross, Managing Director, Love Beets

“The beet salsa is great for people who enjoy eating beets, who like the flavor, and are more adventurous with their vegetables,” says Daniel Cross, Managing Director of Love Beet’s Production Facility. “Hopefully, they’re getting to know our products anyway, but the salsa really adds something special as an exciting addition to our lineup.”

The value-added packaging rises to meet many similar products already prepared by retailers like Whole Foods. With only 20 calories per serving, and a mix of four different vegetables, the product is sure to please even the most health-conscious consumers.

“If you're not sold on eating beets, you're not feeling the love, then the salsa is a great place to start,” Daniel Cross further suggests. "It harbors all of the authentic ingredients of salsa, but it's a bolder take on a traditional tomato-based variety. Great for the Super Bowl.”

To keep up-to-date on all product innovations as we close in on the #BigGame, stay tuned to AndNowUKnow!

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