Mastronardi Produce® Highlights Fan-Favorite Products

Mastronardi Produce® Highlights Fan-Favorite Products

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KINGSVILLE, ONTARIO, CANADA - As the consumers’ needs and palates change and evolve, so too must the industry to keep up with the demand. That stipulation is no match for greenhouse giant Mastronardi Produce®. The tomato and pepper purveyor has been on a growth trajectory as of late, so we took a deeper dive with the grower to uncover some of its popular products.

First up are the Wild Wonder® Peppers.

Giuseppe Rubino, Director of Sales, Mastronardi Produce®“These gourmet peppers are sweet with no bitter aftertaste and virtually no seeds. They’re incredibly versatile and great for stuffing, grilling, or slicing,” Giuseppe Rubino, Director of Sales, comments. “With consumers looking to add more variety and flavor to their dishes at home, these peppers are sure to fly off the shelf.”

Each sweet pack of colorful, long peppers comes in a tantalizing show of colors, featuring yellow, red, orange, and chocolate. A sweet crunch in every bite.

The Wild Wonder® Peppers from Mastronardi Produce® are sweet with no bitter aftertaste and are incredibly versatile

For consumers looking to walk the spicier side of life, Mastronardi is bringing the heat with Yowzers!™ Red Chili Peppers.

Richie Keirouz, Senior Director of Sales, Mastronardi Produce®“When it comes to their heat, the name says it all—yowzers!” warns Richie Keirouz, Senior Director of Sales. “They may seem sweet at first, but after a few bites, they go from sweet to heat real quick. Their sweet, fiery heat makes them perfect for spicing salsa, nachos, or salad, and they taste great on the grill.”

As the demand for packaged hot peppers grow, Mastronardi is staying ahead of the game with its innovative packaging. Yowzers peppers come in a convenient, resealable package with a handle design, making it easier than ever for consumers to grab from the shelf.

Going from sweet to heat in a few bites, Mastronardi Produce® brings the heat with its Yowzers!™ Red Chili Peppers

Mastronardi is also bolstering its tomato game with an extra-large punch—XL Beefsteak Tomato that is.

Crissa Roach, Sales Account Manager, Mastronardi Produce®“Our playful and eye-catching package design reinforces the [burger and sandwich] usage and gives the commodity a more premium look,” explains Crissa Roach, Sales Account Manager. “The demand for commodity tomatoes is coming back large, and so are we—extra large. Bigger tomatoes with bigger flavor mean bigger sales for our customers.”

These huge, juicy tomatoes are packed with tons of flavor, and the design on the package only highlights that even more for the consumer.

With a playful and eye-catching design, the XL Beefsteak Tomato from Mastronardi Produce® packs a ton of juice, flavor, and sales for its customers

Rounding off the product showcase is none other than Mastronardi’s latest Flavor Bombs™ addition, Lolli Bombs™. The new tomato-on-the-vine product joins the grower’s playful lineup of snacking tomatoes with its sweet-like-candy taste and sunshine-colored skin, making them irresistible to shoppers.

Lolli Bombs™, the latest addition to the Flavor Bombs™ lineup, is Mastronardi Produce®’s answer to the consumer snacking demand for tomatoes on the vine

Expanding its infamous Bombs lineup, the grower is answering a huge demand for snacking tomatoes on the vine, and will be showcasing the new product at this year’s PMA Fresh Summit.

Peppe Bonfiglio, Vice President of Sales, Mastronardi Produce®“With their sweet explosion of flavor and beautiful color, these tomatoes are a great addition to any salad or appetizer and are perfect for snacking and on the go,” says Peppe Bonfiglio, Vice President of Sales. “From the name to the label design, these tomatoes are sure to stand out on shelves, and consumers are going to be eating these up—literally.”

With a juicy, sweet taste and bright color, Lolli Bombs burst with the same explosive flavor and premium quality that consumers have come to expect of the SUNSET® brand.

A plethora of products, all in one video exclusive! To find out more about these show-stopping releases, click the video above. Stay tuned for more updates straight from ANUK.

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