Measure to Improve Partners with Alta Energy, Nikki Rodoni Comments

Measure to Improve Partners with Alta Energy, Nikki Rodoni Comments

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SALINAS, CA – Measure to Improve has a new partnership to add to its belt, as the company recently joined forces with a fellow industry innovator to help boost fresh produce savings. Measure to Improve and Alta Energy have partnered to improve sustainable energy management practices in the industry. 

Nikki Rodoni, Founder & CEO, Measure to ImproveOur partnership with Alta Energy will enhance our efforts to help customers proactively address their energy consumption and costs,” said Nikki Rodoni, CEO and Founder of Measure to Improve. “Built on respect, integrity, and trust, the goal of this partnership is to help customers find cost savings and reduce environmental impacts along the way. With Alta Energy, we can take our customers to the next level of sustainability with new renewable energy sources.”

Alta Energy will work with Measure to Improve in order to provide its clients with objective analysis and unbiased recommendations that are uniquely tailored to challenges faced by the fresh produce industry. According to a press release, much of the produce industry could benefit from using sustainable renewable energy resources like solar power to lower energy costs and reduce the risk of energy price volatility, while enhancing overall sustainability.

Alta Energy's partnership with Measure to Improve will help customers address their energy consumption and costs

This new partnership will allow for fresh produce growers, shippers, and processors to identify, measure, improve, and credibly communicate their sustainability practices. Between Measure to Improve and Alta Energy, these services will enable produce professionals to do the following:

  • Develop more sustainable practices
  • Mitigate risks
  • Stay ahead of regulations
  • Provide significant return on investment 

Aaron Enz, Vice President of Business Development, Alta Energy“We are thrilled to support the mission of Measure to Improve and its clients,” said Aaron Enz, Vice President of Business Development at Alta Energy. “Measure to Improve has developed a leading practice for delivering sustainability solutions to fresh produce clients–this includes helping to comply with customer requirements, identifying cost reductions, and meeting internally-generated goals. Given the opportunities for material cost reductions and improved sustainability with renewable energy, we look forward to empowering Measure to Improve clients to realize the benefits of renewable energy while saving time, money, and hassle in the process.” 

Measure to Improve works to help growers processors identify and implement economic savings that also translate into environmental benefits. The company noted that in the industry energy for pumping, refrigeration, and transportation make up a significant portion of operation expenses. Measure to Improve emphasized that energy management is one of the 12 key performance indicators that cover the most critical aspects of a sustainable agricultural operation. 

Both companies have offices located in the heart of the Salinas Valley, California, which is often known as “the Salad Bowl of the World.” Alta Energy’s customers span across the United States, including large scale agricultural producers in California. Measure to Improve’s customers include major produce growers and processors located in California, Arizona, Georgia, Florida, and Mexico. 

As Measure to Improve continues its quest to better the industry through sustainable, which partnerships will it secure next? AndNowUKnow will report.

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