Mike Stephan of Monterey Mushrooms Dishes on Category Demand and Retail Partnership

Mike Stephan of Monterey Mushrooms Dishes on Category Demand and Retail Partnership

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MONTEREY, CA - I’ve got mushrooms on my mind, and with rising demand for Organic and Brown varieties, I am not alone. Mike Stephan, Sales Director for Monterey Mushrooms, shares with me that it's that time of year when mushrooms go well with everything.

Mike Stephan, Sales Director, Monterey Mushrooms“Mushrooms are one of the most versatile items in the produce department. It doesn't matter what time of day, they can be included in any meal. From a breakfast skillet to a midday burger or a dinner pasta, they add that Umami taste that makes it special. So, when you need a merchandising partner for potatoes, grilling vegetables, or any protein, think mushrooms. This is especially true as we approach the barbecue season and the Fourth of July selling holiday,” Mike tells me.

Browns and Organic mushrooms continue to gain in popularity as the demand for more flavor and sustainable food options continues to become more well known. Best-in-class retailers are selling more than 40 percent of Brown mushrooms and 20 percent Organic mushrooms.

Demand for Organic and Brown mushroom varieties continues to rise due to the their versatility and umami flavor, especially as barbeque season and summer holidays approach

“Whole Baby Bella mushrooms are mainstream and a ‘top five seller,’ but we are seeing a lift on Organic mushrooms across White, Baby Bella, and Portabella packages,” Mike shares. “Retailers that merchandise and display any 16 oz or 24 oz of White or Baby Bella mushrooms will capitalize on expandable consumption. The more they buy, the more occasions they find to use them.”

Currently, Monterey Mushrooms is seeing sales demand matched to its current supply. With mushrooms on several “Top Trend” lists, it would be wise to confirm summer promotional plans now.

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