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Mustards Grill Owner & Executive Chef Cindy Pawlcyn Discusses Restaurant Citrus Trends while Prepping Sunkist Citrus

MONTEREY, CA - Mustards Grill Owner & Executive Chef Cindy Pawlcyn was whipping up some delicious concoctions with Sunkist Growers’ citrus.

The Chef and Napa restaurant owner took that time to share with me some insights on what is piquing foodservice interests in using citrus.

Cindy Pawlcyn, Owner & Executive Chef, Mustard Grill“What’s happening for us in the restaurant industry with citrus is that we’re learning more about it’s year-round availability,” Cindy explains, showing off some of the dynamic twists chefs can do with the fruit.

Her Citrus Ceviche, for example, offered some California flair, while the Whole fruit Valencia Orange Bread Pudding used every piece of the orange. She explained that she even caramelized the orange peel for the dish.


“There’s a bunch of fun fruits like the striped zebra lemon that has a pink flesh,” Cindy added to the category’s possibilities, naming off creative possibilities like wonderful mandarin oranges, pink ruby grapefruits, and more.

Hear all about Cindy’s excitement for the produce in our brief video interview above.

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