Nikki Rodoni, CEO and Founder, and Wyatt Maysey, Zero Waste Project Manager of Measure to Improve Earn Certified Zero Waste Business Associate

Nikki Rodoni, CEO and Founder, and Wyatt Maysey, Zero Waste Project Manager of Measure to Improve Earn Certified Zero Waste Business Associate

SALINAS, CA - As sustainability and a minimized carbon footprint become more and more necessary on both the buyer and consumer side of the industry, “go-to” sustainability consulting company Measure to Improve, LLC, now happily touts the prestigious Zero Waste Business Associate Accredited Professional designation.

Both Nikki Rodoni, CEO and Founder, and Wyatt Maysey, Zero Waste Project Manager, earned the accreditation through the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council’s (ZWBA) rigorous program.

Nikki Rodoni, CEO and Founder, Measure to Improve

“Becoming Zero Waste Certified Associates through the U.S. Zero Waste Business council provides credibility to our level of expertise. This is something we are truly passionate about at Measure to Improve, and look forward to assisting our current and future clients to becoming Zero Waste Certified,” said Rodoni, in a recent release.

The road to earning this accreditation included attending a ZWBA scorecard training course, covering all information needed to help facilities/companies become zero waste certified, as well as a comprehensive, computer-based exam demonstrating thorough understanding.

Stephanie Barger, Founder and Executive Director, USZWBCStephanie Barger, Founder and Executive Director of USZWBC, explained that ZWBA shows professionals how to go beyond recycling to Zero Waste, with upstream practices and policies saving and making companies thousands, if not millions, of dollars.

“We are very proud of Nikki and Wyatt’s success and leadership in Zero Waste. They have been amazing partners to USZWBC over the years, and we know that the ZWBA training and accreditation will be instrumental in helping their clients achieve high success in materials management, creating a strong Zero Waste economy for their local and global community,” said Barger.

Rodoni explained that recycling is one of the best ways for businesses to improve their environmental impact, as well as key operational opportunities through factors such as potential cost savings and improving your brand image.

Mandy Brooks, Recycling Coordinator for Salinas Valley Recycles, said, “Salinas Valley Recycles works in collaboration with Measure to Improve to implement comprehensive recycling programs for local ag-related businesses. Our partnership with MTI has allowed our agency and local businesses to benefit not just from MTI’s expertise in recycling and waste management programs, but also in working towards overall sustainability and zero waste as a real possibility in the ag community.”

But recycling initiatives are only a small part of the bigger sustainability efforts companies are making to improve resource usage.

“As a growing number of consumers place a priority on environmental performance and support environmentally-responsible companies, minimizing waste is becoming more and more necessary,” Rodoni added.

To find out all the ways Measure to Improve can help enhance your business’ sustainability practices, contact the company here.

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