The Nunes Company's Laura Hastie Discusses Foxy Organic Baby Bok Choy; Mark Crossgrove Comments

SALINAS, CA - These days, it’s all about personalizing fresh in our own way. With the encouragement of growing organic production, The Nunes Company launches its newest item, baby bok choy, which will sit under the Foxy Organic label. The item, which is available in 20 lb bulk packs, will make its way out to customers this week!

At this year's Viva Fresh Expo, I had a chance to chat with Foxy Organic’s Communications and Marketing Coordinator, Laura Hastie, and she offered unique insight into the fun happenings that the new item offers for retailers.

Laura Hastie, Communications and Marketing Coordinator,  Foxy Organic’s“With organic baby bok choy being a very trendy item, we’re excited to launch it this spring. We’ll be launching it with recipes, usage ideas, tips for consumers, and we’re really excited about that,” she tells me.

When I began to wonder how retailers can tap into the new product to boost sales, Laura didn’t leave me hanging. To ring in the new category, the company will engage audiences with instructional videos on Foxy’s website and social media channels, walking consumers through handling the hyped-up produce must-have. Social media influencers will promote the trending new inclusion to the Foxy lineup.

“With this addition, Foxy now offers almost 40 different organic items. We look forward to adding another great item to the Foxy Organic product line,” said The Nunes Company’s Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, Mark Crossgrove, according to a recent press release. He explained that, alongside the addition of this item, the Nunes Company looks forward to seeing the organic program grow throughout 2018.

Organic Baby Bok Choy

Check out the interview above for more from Laura on this exciting new addition to the Foxy lineup and check back with us at AndNowUKnow for more industry news.

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