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Ozgur Koc of Crunch Pak® Showcases Sliced Apples School Program

CASHMERE, WA - Sliced apples were the quintessential school snack back when I was a kid. Now, children across many schools have access to fun, fresh-forward meal options thanks to Crunch Pak® and its sliced apple offerings.

Ozgur Koc, Senior Vice President, New Business and Product Development, Crunch Pak® “Our company focuses on the health—better for you and for the kids,” said Ozgur Koc, Senior Vice President of New Business and Product Development. “[We want to] make the kids come back to eat at lunch, breakfast, any time of the day. The whole idea is, how can we increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables and have fun.”

Crunch Pak is focusing on its 2 oz sliced apple bags for school programs, as well as bringing in new snacking items for K–12. As Ozgur pointed out, one opportunity comes in the form of Crunch Pak’s many licensed offerings.

Crunch Pak® is bringing fun and fresh-forward meal options straight to lunchboxes with its 2 oz sliced apple bags for school programs

“What we’re trying to do is [showcase] additional items we do for the licensing program that have cheese, pretzel, and the new lunches we have, basically driven by the children,” Ozgur continued. “They tell us what they want in their packages, and then we pair them with our fruits and vegetables and whatnot. It comes with 2 oz, 2.75 oz, 4.75 oz. Some of them come like a snacking item, or some of them can be done as a meal replacement too.”

If you want to hear more from Crunch Pak, check out our exclusive video above. And stick with us at ANUK for more.

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