Prime Time International and Vantaggio Farming Corporation Jointly Announce Strategic Marketing Alliance

Prime Time International and Vantaggio Farming Corporation Jointly Announce Strategic Marketing Alliance

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COACHELLA, CA - Prime Time International and Vantaggio Farming Corporation are announcing a strategic marketing alliance between the two growers that will enable Prime Time to be the exclusive marketer of Vantaggio’s line of fresh produce items. Vantaggio's portfolio includes cucumbers and four varieties of hard squash.

Mike Way, Vice President of Prime Time, states, “We are extremely enthusiastic about teaming up with a company we have known and admired for many years. The two partners at Vantaggio, Brent and Ross Keefer, are consummate produce professionals who have been involved in farming and marketing fresh produce their entire careers.”

According to a press release, the new cucumber volume will allow Prime Time to offer a compatible product to its own full line of peppers on a year round basis. This increase in volume provides more opportunities for Prime Time’s broad base of customers. The cucumbers and squash will be grown in Mainland Mexico and Baja California. The seasonal availability of Acorn, Butternut, Spaghetti, and Kabocha squash also fills a specific marketing window of opportunity in the Spring.

Brent and Ross Keefer founded Vantaggio in 2007.

Ross Keefer, states, “This partnership will enable Brent and I to devote all of our efforts to the farming, harvesting, and packing operations while partnering with a company recognized as a leader in the industry on sales and marketing.”

“We are happy that the Vantaggio label will continue going forward; we have always taken great pride in our ability to deliver consistently outstanding produce. The marriage with Prime Time represents the next step in our plans for future growth and expansion” added Brent Keefer.

Congratulations Prime Time International and Vantaggio on your strategic marketing alliance.

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