Starbucks Adds a Seasonal Latte to Its Secret Menu

Starbucks Adds a Seasonal Latte to Its Secret Menu

SEATTLE, WA - There’s only two months of the year during which it’s acceptable to be a total pumpkin head. With October almost over, that only leaves me one month to incorporate the seasonal gourd into every aspect of my diet. Pumpkin bread? Duh! Pumpkin pasta? Okay! Pumpkin hummus? Er—why not!? Today, Starbucks made sure I never run out of ways to shake things up with pumpkin, as the new Pumpkin Birthday Cake Latte was added to its secret menu.

Starbucks costumers can enjoy another pumpkin spiced latte drink: the Pumpkin Birthday Cake Latte (photo credit: Starbucks)

According to Marie Claire, the new drink follows a Nightmare Before Christmas number, which features pumpkin spice, chai syrup, mocha drizzle, java chips, and espresso. The Pumpkin Birthday Cake Latte, however, features two pumps of pumpkin sauce and one pump each of hazelnut and vanilla. The news source even mentions a Cinderella Latte that trades in hazelnut and vanilla for two pumps of white mocha. Excuse me while I sprint to the nearest Starbs.

Like all good things, the time for pumpkin spice must come to an end. These seasonal secret drinks will only be available while Starbucks stocks its pumpkin sauce. Meanwhile, I’m filling the storm cellar with every pumpkin product in my path. To see how flavors keep changing with the seasons, stay with us at ANUK.