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Sun Pacific’s California Mighties Season Drives Sales for Retailers

Sun Pacific’s California Mighties Season Drives Sales for Retailers

PASADENA, CA - Sweaters and blankets are not the only fuzzy things that are proving to be popular during the cooler months. However, unlike warmer clothing, kiwifruit brings sparks of tartness and sweetness to brighten cloudy days. Capitalizing on the holiday shopping season, retailers are having success showcasing California kiwifruit while it is in season, October through May, in holiday-themed packaging to tap into the seasonal cheer.

Howard Nager, Vice President of Business Development, Sun Pacific“The whole kiwi category is garnering more and more attention from retailers and consumers,” said Howard Nager, Vice President of Business Development, in a recent press release. “While kiwifruit may not produce huge volume for a retailer right now, they are finding they can drive incremental sales with very little effort, and we’re seeing the greatest volume with Mighties 2-pound clamshells.”

Mighties kiwi from Sun Pacific boasts of approximately 50 percent of the California kiwifruit production on the market. After shipment of the California-grown fuzzy fruit began the first week of October, grocers have been utilizing the consumer demand for healthy, holiday snack options to their advantage. Mighties have made their debut at many retailers in secondary locations throughout the produce aisle.

And, like the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work, as can be seen in the marketing placement of Sun Pacific’s Mighties kiwifruit and the fan-favorite Cuties alongside each other. When the two are seen side-by-side, retailers have, according to the press release, shown a triple digit volume and dollars sales lift for Mighties. As is true of all well-suited partners who complement each other, Cuties also shone a little brighter to consumers because sales for the popular fruit reportedly also increased.

Sun Pacific Mighties Teddy Bear Toasts

“We are doing a really good job of not only branding but education on this rising superfruit,” said Nager. “From health-conscious parents who want a vitamin-packed snack for their busy kids to foodies that love the flavor profile and color, Mighties is quickly becoming a staple produce purchase.”

There are no needed tricks for your consumer to use to make this holiday treat ripe on command because Sun Pacific pre-conditions its California kiwi crop so that it is ripe and ready-to-eat upon purchase. What makes Sun Pacific’s kiwifruit’s ripeness so unique is the company’s use of a proprietary process that ensures a consistently sweet, delicious flavor. This consequently eliminates guesswork for consumers, giving everyone peace-of-mind.

Sun Pacific Mighties 2lb. Clamshell

While the ripeness might be on point, your business might be asking, “How does Sun Pacific market towards all audiences?” Well, to make sure consumers know just how healthy and nutritious kiwifruit is, the company has packaged its produce to educate everyone who reads it about the benefits of kiwifruit indulgence. A spife, or a combination of a spoon and knife utensil, and the brand’s original cut, scoop, and eat messaging reinforce to families looking for healthy, holiday snack options that Mighties kiwifruit is available and ready-for-the-eatin’.

Sun Pacific reported that one-third of parents who have purchased Mighties, and more than 80 percent of children prefer the brand, so it must come as no surprise that Sun Pacific’s 40,000 acres of fruit in California has made the brand one of the largest growers of kiwi in North America. Plans to plant more kiwifruit are being made by Sun Pacific to keep up with retailer demand, with an expected growth of tripled kiwifruit crop and an estimated 70 percent of California’s kiwifruit production.

With so much growth on the horizon, stay tuned into AndNowUKnow, where we will continue to report on the latest fresh produce industry trends.

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