SunSelect COO & Owner Len Krahn Discusses the New Sweet Thing Tomato

SunSelect COO & Owner Len Krahn Discusses the New Sweet Thing Tomato

ORLANDO, FL - With the introduction of a new TOV offering, the horizon looks bright for SunSelect. COO & Owner of the company Len Krahn, took some time on the bustling Fresh Summit show floor to give me the scoop.

To see the full details, watch our short video above.

Len Krahn, COO & Owner, Sunselect Produce

Sweet Thing is a new mid-size TOV that we are coming out with,” Len explains of the 100g product, adding that the size allows the company to get more flavor, sweetness, and higher brix levels. “It looks deep, eternal red all the way through, the "goo" doesn’t fall out of the tomato. It stays in tact so it's a nice, pure tomato.”

Currently, Sweet Thing is available in a one-pound clamshell, as well as a three-pound for larger-footprint retailers.

When I ask about what sets Sweet Thing apart, Len says, “It’s just all about flavor and eating experience for the consumer.”

He added that SunSelect is producing Sweet Thing 52 weeks of the year in Tehachapi, with a market to meet it. “It is grown in our facility in California, which gives it a little more flavor because the dryness of the air and the climate there.”

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