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SUNSET®'s Julia Shreve Talks WOW Berries at PMA Fresh Summit 2019

ANAHEIM, CA - While PMA Fresh Summit did feel like a walk down the red carpet, it was still surprising for me to come across such premium-looking products this year. Mastronardi Produce products, in particular, were dressed to impress. Julia Shreve, Director of Brand and Innovation, took a minute to run me down all of the company’s new and exclusive offerings.

Julia Shreve, Director of Brand and Innovation, SUNSET® Produce“Just over a year ago, Mastronardi and Berry World entered into a partnership with the goal of changing expectations of how berries should taste,” Julia said. “Since that time, we’ve launched both of our lines of berries: Berryworld Berries, which are better-tasting everyday berries, and our WOW Berries, which are exceptional varieties. They’re so special that we call them by name.”

The high-class look of these berries was almost too good to be true, but the products absolutely live up to their name.

Berryworld Berries, which are better-tasting everyday berries, and WOW Berries, which are exceptional varieties, are two of SUNSET’s berry offerings

“What we offer now is consistent supply of berries with exceptional flavor and better shelf life. We just started shipping our dreamberry—we’re very excited about that,” Julia continued. “That is the best version of a classic strawberry. We’re hearing awesome feedback. People are literally saying ‘Wow’ when they try them, and that’s why the name works so well. For these berries, we wanted to communicate that they’re special and premium. So, we developed a custom clamshell and a beautiful black label with gold foil, which really makes them stand out on shelves.”

If you haven’t seen these delectable designs yet, don’t hesitate to contact Mastronardi Produce to get your hands on some! For more of the freshest news in produce, keep reading AndNowUKnow.

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