T&G Global Launches Joli™ Apple Variety; Gareth Edgecombe and Tony Martin Detail

T&G Global Launches Joli™ Apple Variety; Gareth Edgecombe and Tony Martin Detail

NEW ZEALAND - T&G Global has launched a new premium, global apple variety! Joining its strong portfolio of Envy™ and JAZZ™ apple brands, consumers will soon be getting their hands on the newest Joli™ variety.

Gareth Edgecombe, Chief Executive Officer, T&G Global“New Zealand has an enviable global reputation for innovating, developing, and sourcing the world’s best plant genetics and growing world-class premium apples, and T&G’s growth strategy is focused on utilizing this to create value for our growers, regional communities, and economy. This is critical in order to succeed in what is a highly fragmented and commoditized global apple market,” said Chief Executive Gareth Edgecombe. “The launch of Joli builds off the success of T&G’s premium Envy and JAZZ brands, perfectly complementing them by appealing to a different group of global consumers.”

The new variety will be available beginning in 2028, and is the result of over 10 years of innovation, a release explained.

T&G Global has launched a new premium, global apple variety: Joli™

“For growers, Joli has very strong orcharding attributes, including high levels of output and the ability to grow throughout New Zealand. Furthermore, Joli’s harvest profile balances our premium JAZZ and Envy brands, harvesting in mid to late March,” Edgecombe continued. “Over 10 years of development by Plant & Food Research has resulted in this new variety. Using natural breeding techniques, they cultivated the plant material to develop its unique traits and worked with the likes of Prevar and our VentureFruit® team to conduct extensive growing trials to ensure the tree grows well in different environments, copes with various climatic conditions, produces great tasting fruit and that the fruit stores well.”

T&G is the global exclusive license holder for growing, marketing, and selling the variety, and plans to plant 27 hectares on its own orchards over the next three years; T&G is also seeking Expressions of Interest from independent growers across Aotearoa New Zealand to be part of the commercial growing pilot.

Tony Martin, Chief Executive, Prevar“We are excited to be a part of this momentous milestone for T&G, VentureFruit, and Prevar, as well as the New Zealand industry. We look forward to supporting the Joli brand’s global growth plans with ongoing technical support in partnership with Plant & Food Research,” added Tony Martin, Prevar’s Chief Executive.

For more information and comments from the leaders of VentureFruit, click here.

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