Wish Farms Opens New Warehouse

Wish Farms Opens New Warehouse

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PLANT CITY, FL - The whimsical berry grower is spreading its wings in a brand new warehouse, and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited. Why, you might ask? Because there will be more berries of course! Amber Maloney, Director of Marketing, had more exciting news to tell me, and I couldn’t wait to hear what Wish Farms had in store.

Amber Maloney, Director of Marketing, Wish Farms“We are incredibly excited to be in this new facility!” Amber shares with me. “The operational and energy efficiency has actually exceeded our expectations. The facility has been a huge boost to our blueberry packing and strawberry cooling and processing.”

Wish Farms’ innovative and sustainable warehouse boasts 125,000 square feet on 36 acres of property and is situated off of Interstate 4, right on the main highway that runs East to West throughout central Florida, conveniently located next to the grower’s new headquarters.

“We have great exposure to all the drivers that use I-4 every day. Our new office is located next to the warehouse and features a 3-acre blueberry farm. Tours and visitors can come and pick fresh blueberries right on the property,” Amber says.

Complete with in-line labeling, Top Seal technology, and an Innovation Lab, Wish Farms’ new facility encompasses three blueberry packing lines as well as two strawberry processing lines with juice and slice capabilities. And with a 20,000-square-feet solar array, the berry grower anticipates 10,000 tons of CO2 will be saved over the lifespan of the system, equalling to 73 percent kWh per square feet energy reduction compared to previous facilities.

Keeping in line with Wish Farms’ sustainable practices, the company has used reclaimed wood from the site throughout the office, in addition to replanting replacement trees on the property.

For more information on this exciting new expansion, please watch the video included above.

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