Wonderful Halos Launches 2017 "Good Choice, Kid" Campaign with a Focus on Children and Adults

Wonderful Halos Launches 2017 "Good Choice, Kid" Campaign with a Focus on Children and Adults

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LOS ANGELES, CA - Tapping into the affirmation that always feels good at any age, Good Choice, Kid has launched. The campaign is Wonderful Halos’ way of celebrating healthy eating habits in the face of temptation, and this year’s run is geared towards not only kiddos young in age; it also congratulates those young at heart–or the “big kids” who might be older in age–for making healthier snack choices.

Adam Cooper, VP of Marketing, Wonderful Company“We’ve always known that Wonderful Halos is the obvious choice for kids because they’re healthy, easy to peel, seedless and bursting with sweet flavor,” said Adam Cooper, Vice President of Marketing, in a recent press release. “But our research shows that adults also turn to the Pure Goodness of our California mandarins with the same enthusiasm, so these commercials present the perfect opportunity to extend our existing campaign and celebrate the good choices made by kids of all ages.”

New commercials complement the established Good Choice, Kid campaign and are a product of the continued investment of $100 million investment that was made throughout the first five years of the brand. On top of this investment, Halos is also looking to make its biggest digital investment to date, as it launches a robust influencer program and increased visibility across social media platforms. Print, national FSIs, PR, a New York City Times Square digital billboard, and Wonderful Halos’ biggest in-store POS display program will be amplifying the campaign and bringing Halos to consumers everywhere. The POS collection will showcase a grove-to-store tractor and grove tree display, which the company hopes will highlight its fresh California mandarins’ delivery process.

Wonderful Agency, the company’s in-house creative team, curated the new commercials and this year’s campaign. The Good Choice, Kid campaign was released at the onset of last mandarin season, and with four smart and witty television spots, children were able to identify with the characters in the commercials as they faced difficult snacking choices in precarious, far-fetched, and hilarious instances. Now, the Agency is looking to widen its audience to attract all ages with commercials, both old and new, throughout the mandarin season in local and national markets as an aspect of the company’s multi-million dollar ad spend.

Darren Moran, Chief Creative Officer, The Wonderful Company“In expanding the campaign to directly address adults’ snacking choices, we finally dispel the notion that with age comes wisdom. Adults are just as capable of making wrong-headed choices as kids are,” said Chief Creative Officer Darren Moran in the release. “With these spots, we’re simply offering up a healthy but delicious alternative to runaway organs and ruined parties.”

Mandarin season runs now through May, and consumers are able to pick up 3- and 5- pound bags and 5-pound boxes in produce aisles at groceries and club stores nationwide.

This year's revamped campaign is just one more way that Wonderful Halos is looking to expand its audience and ensure the continued growth of its bags and boxes.

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