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Yerecic Label's Kristin Yerecic Talks Key Insights Behind the Power of Produce Study

Yerecic Label's Kristin Yerecic Talks Key Insights Behind the Power of Produce Study

NEW KENSINGTON, PA - With information, comes knowledge–knowledge that can specifically translate into boosted profit margins and loyal consumers. Yerecic Label is looking to tap in on that exact state of mind through its latest sponsorship project; the Power of Produce study.

The Power of Produce Study aims to provide produce companies with key consumer insights to further tap in on buying behavior

As Marketing Manager Kristin Yerecic recently told me, this study was cultivated specifically to examine the patterns behind consumers’ produce purchases. This information can arm produce companies across the board with improved operations and communication to consumers.

Kristin Yerecic, Marketing Manager, Yerecic Label“The Power of Produce provides key insights into shoppers’ mindset, while preparing and completing the produce purchase,” Kristin says. “The focus of the study is to determine the how and why behind consumers’ produce purchases. The study focuses on every aspect of these purchases from promotion research, to channel selection and growth attributes to areas for produce department improvements.”

The Power of Produce comes out yearly, and is currently in its third year

The study was created from the inspiration of other “Power of” studies across the perimeter by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), and comes out yearly with its findings. Commissioned by FMI, 210 Analytics, LLC conducts the study with sponsorship from Yerecic Label and Hillphoenix. All the companies work together as a team to support and showcase The Power of Produce data throughout the industry.

“We were approached by Rick Stein, FMI’s VP of Fresh, with the opportunity to become a sponsor of the study. We agreed very quickly after we saw the type of value the report has offer,” Kristin tells me. “Of all the companies involved, we are all tied together through a similar mission. We know how important and insightful this research is for the produce industry.”

Insights from the survey are overlaid with real-time sales time from IRI and Nielsen, to ensure that the survey’s findings between what shoppers are saying they do and what they are actually do truly align.

The study also utilizes real time sales time data to check on the gathered data

“Whether you are looking for a full overview of the path to purchase for produce shoppers, or are just interested in learning about the growing claims and topics in the produce industry, The Power of Produce has something to offer everyone,” Kristin finishes. “My favorite part about the study is that we are able to see historic trends, and address new topic areas as the study continues.”

This year's study launched on August 1, 2017, and can be accessed in a variety of way. Yerecic Label is offering presentations of the study to new and existing customers with a focus on improving point of purchase communications. The full 50-page report is also available online through the FMI store.

As Yerecic Label continues to look towards innovations and new concepts to uplift the produce industry, count on AndNowUKnow to report on its latest endeavors.

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