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Snack Feature: Meet the Artist - Christofer Oberst

Snack Feature: Meet the Artist - Christofer Oberst

Christofer Oberst, one of the invaluable members of our creative team, has been featured in the latest edition of AndNowUKnow’s print publication, The Snack Magazine. A writer, a cancer survivor, and a friend, Chris discusses his battle with Osteosarcoma and what it means to be a fighter.  

Check out The Snack article by clicking here, or read the full article below: 

Meet the Artist: Christofer Oberst

Christofer is a survivor.  Let’s start there.  At our company, we are a band of storytellers from the written word, to video, and image, and Chris’s story got to me right from the start.  Not that the guy wears his life experiences on his sleeve, but I knew from our first conversation that Chris had a fire in him. His strength and determination come from a space that not all of us have seen.  While most kids spent their early teen years getting into trouble, playing baseball, or finding the next ponytail to pull, Chris was growing up under a different set of circumstances.

When Chris was 13, about to go into his 8th grade year, he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a type of cancer that begins in the bones and sometimes metastasizes elsewhere, usually to the lungs or other bones. Facing a 40% survival rate, Chris entered a year of chemotherapy in the hospital for his leg. After a complex and extensive surgery on his leg, his family found out the cancer had spread to his lungs. With the resolve of someone twice his age, he faced off against another 2 surgeries on his lungs as well. By 2006, Chris finally beat Osteosarcoma.  

“It’s about being a fighter. There is always that struggle to keep going day after day.  It doesn’t matter what age you are; you are always hoping that the next day is the day you will get to go back home,” Chris tells me.

Living in that unknown has taught Chris so much about himself. “That experience continues building the person I am today.  Though I wouldn’t wish that journey on anyone, I can’t imagine who I would be today without it,” Chris says.  “In a reality where some people don’t win that fight, I feel incredibly lucky.”

It’s easy to sense his incredible energy and ambition.  Behind the black-rimmed glasses and quiet demeanor, Chris carries a strength that perseveres.  His tenacity and devotion for the craft is infectious.  It’s this kind of dedication that’s an inspiration to us all.

It was only last year we brought Chris into our fold and he has quickly become a leader on our editorial team, keeping our content current, evolving, and always entertaining.

Next time you meet Chris, pen in-hand, hopefully you will see what we get to see everyday.  A writer, a fighter, and a friend.

Christofer Oberst

The Snack