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Weathermelon Weather Report - April 23, 2019

Weathermelon Weather Report - April 23, 2019

IRVINE, CA - Good morning, AndNowUKnow readers!

Today, I am bringing you some of the category and weather news from around the industry. Check back twice weekly to see where the rain is falling, the sun is shining, and everything in between.


The next five days may be a major game changer in the produce world for product coming from California and Arizona. Today, we will see the beginning of five days of extreme heat for the growing regions of the San Joaquin Valley, the desert regions of California and Arizona, as well as Northern Sonora, Mexico. Not only will the maximum daily temperatures rise significantly, but we will also see warmer low temperatures in all regions.

We may see many crops affected by these warm temperatures. For example, oranges out of the Visalia/Fresno area and vegetables out of Yuma— which are both at the tail end of their seasons—may be adversely affected by these warm temperatures. Contrarily, bell peppers and eggplant out of Coachella and stonefruits and cherries out of the San Joaquin Valley may benefit from these temperatures and bring harvest on earlier. Please check the app for all locations and commodities that will be affected.


Bakersfield at the southern end of the valley saw a maximum temperature of 81° and a minimum of 59° yesterday and will see 92° today and 96° Wednesday and Thursday. Low temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday will rise to 67°.

Modesto at the northern end will see maximum temperatures in the 90°s and minimums in the 60°s.


Coachella will see highs jump 10°s today, up to 101°, along with a low of 70° tonight. Tomorrow will see a high of 103° and then 105° on Thursday. Look for bell peppers, eggplant, and green beans to come on fast out of Coachella. Look for winter crops such as broccoli to struggle under these temperatures and harvests to finish quickly.

Yuma will see high temperatures around the 100 mark through Saturday. I would assume these warm temperatures will bring an end to the lettuce and veg crops out of this area for the remaining shippers.


Salinas and Santa Maria will also get in on the action. Salinas will get to 80° today, which is 8° warmer than yesterday. Santa Maria will see a high of 77° today. Both areas will see high temperatures remain in the mid- to upper 70°s through Saturday. This bodes well for their strawberry and wet veg crops that are just getting underway for the season. Look for good volumes out of both regions.


The grape growing regions of Hermosillo and Caborca in the state of Sonora will both see high temperatures above 100° this week. The heat wave won’t hit these areas until Thursday, when high temperatures will be above 100° and the lows will be in the mid-60°s. The heat will remain through Sunday in these regions.

On Sunday, these temperatures will break for the California and Arizona regions. Next week, the desert regions’ high temperatures will remain in the 90°s while the SJV will drop into the 80°s and the costal regions will fall back down in the 60°s for high temperatures.

Get ready for the next five days to cause some significant changes in the produce landscape.

Thank you again for your support, and we will be back later this week with another update.


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