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Weathermelon Weather Report - June 28, 2019

Weathermelon Weather Report - June 28, 2019

IRVINE, CA - Good morning, AndNowUKnow readers!

Today, I am bringing you some of the category and weather news from around the industry. Check back twice weekly to see where the rain is falling, the sun is shining, and everything in between.

Heat Wave Continues in Michigan

Above average temperatures continue in Michigan. Highs over the next seven days will be well above normal into the upper 80°s with a possible 90° temperature come next Monday. Minimum temperatures are also above normal at 68° over the next seven days. Temperatures will finally drop back down to normal of 80° for a high and 60° for a low by Saturday, July 6.

There are many different commodities coming from Michigan currently. Please check the app for specific commodities.

Warming Trend Coming to the Desert Southwest

The desert regions of California and Arizona are in for a hot weekend and early next week. The high and low temperatures will begin to rise starting today with a high of 107° and reaching a peak high of 113° on Monday. Low temperatures will also rise reaching 78° on Saturday night. These warm temperatures will continue all next week. These regions are still shipping grapes and melons.

Indiana Will See Warm Temperatures This Weekend

The growing regions of Indiana will see warm temperatures this weekend with highs getting up into the low 90°s and lows reaching in the 70°s. These above average temperatures will last through Wednesday of next week. Melons should be starting out of this part of the country early next week.

Chile Not Out of the Woods Just Yet

Although the worst of the cold weather has passed in Chile earlier this week, they can expect one last shot of cold and rain this Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, many growing regions of Chile will see up to .35” of rain. High temperatures for Saturday and Sunday will only reach into the low 50°s while the minimum temperatures will be at or below freezing. Some regions will drop as low as 29° on Sunday.

Please check the app for specific locations.

First Named Hurricane of the Season in the Pacific

Alvin is the first hurricane of the season in the Pacific off the west coast of Mexico. Alvin will not affect land as it is approximately 500 miles of the coast of Mexico and is heading northwest off into the Pacific. There is a second disturbance forming in the Pacific due west of Costa Rica and due south of Chiapas, Mexico. This storm is heading west-north west well away from the coast of Mexico.

There are currently no storms forming in the Atlantic.

Thanks again, and we'll be back this coming Tuesday with another weather report!


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