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AgroFresh's SmartFresh™ Receives Brazil Approval for Watermelons

AgroFresh's SmartFresh™ Receives Brazil Approval for Watermelons

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Bringing its post-harvest benefits further throughout the industry and global growing community, AgroFresh has announced that its SmartFresh SmartTabshave been approved for use in Brazil on watermelons.

Jeferson Nunes, Latin America Commercial Director, AgroFresh Solutions

“AgroFresh is committed to investing in research to expand the benefits of SmartFresh technology to new crop segments,” said Jeferson Nunes, Latin America Commercial Director for AgroFresh. “With the recent approval for watermelons, Brazilian suppliers will now have the tools to export more high-quality fruit to the growing European and Asian markets.” 

The Brazil Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply approved the company’s technology to further aide Brazil, a leading grower-exporter of melons, in its exportation of watermelons. According to a press release, Brazil exported 206,000 metric tons of melons in 2015. 

SmartFresh is a post-harvest application of 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) which maintains the quality and taste of fruit by inhibiting ethylene recognition. SmartFresh helps fruit retain their quality from storage, to transportation, to consumption. SmartTabs is one of three modes of delivery for AgroFresh’s SmartFresh technology, and allows for a convenient way to apply it in existing storage rooms for containers.

The company stated that Abrafrutas reported that Brazil’s association of producers and exporters of fruit are looking to meet increased international demand for tropical fruits, which includes melons. Technologies such as SmartFresh help deliver a consistent suppy of high-quality fruit to market. 

This approval for watermelon marks the latest in SmartFresh’s registered use on Brazil’s apples, avocados, bananas, limes, guavas, mangoes, plums, persimmons, tomatoes, papayas, and kiwifruit.   

As AgroFresh keeps expanding its South American portfolio, stay with AndNowUKnow for the latest.


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