Alex Jackson Berkley Talks Frieda's Winter Specialty Citrus

Alex Jackson Berkley Talks Frieda's Winter Specialty Citrus

LOS ALAMITOS, CA - As weather has been cooling down, produce sales are just heating up, and shoppers can start surveying their produce departments for the bright hues of winter citrus. From plump kumquats to giant pummelos, Frieda’s Specialty Produce says it is well-prepared to satisfy all your citrusy needs this season.

Alex Jackson Berkley, Senior Account Manager, Frieda's Specialty Produce

“We have good supplies of citrus from the Southern Hemisphere already coming in, and California has just started,” explained Alex Jackson Berkley, Senior Account Manager. “It’s never too early to start planning your specialty citrus program for the winter months.”

Frieda's meyer lemons

According to a press release, the top sellers in the citrus category include Cara Cara and blood oranges; Meyer, pink, and seedless lemons; and mandarin varieties—all items that pique consumer interest for their unique characteristics. 

“The items that create excitement are our high-flavor citrus varieties like Tahitian pummelos, sweet limes, and mandarinquats,” adds Berkley. “We’ve noticed shoppers are more informed about unique citrus varieties—it’s so much more than navel oranges and lemons now.”

Frieda's Tahitian pummelo

Frieda’s team members are no strangers to being trend spotters, and are predicting a slight bump in demand for blood oranges as excitement continues to build. “Our phones have been ringing with consumer magazines looking for blood oranges for their winter issues,” Berkley said. “October through December is the time to make sure you’re always well stocked with blood oranges.”

Frieda's pink lemons

Have these citrus varieties gotten your blood pumping too? Call your Frieda’s account managers to book your citrus program today, and stay tuned to AndNowUKnow as the season continues.


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