Altar Produce's Manuel Ochoa Talks Marketing Strategy and More

Altar Produce's Manuel Ochoa Talks Marketing Strategy and More

CALEXICO, CA - If you attended the Foodservice Conference this July, then you might have spotted a brilliant red 1955 Bel-Air Wagon outside of the convention center. In the back were boxes sporting the name: Altar Produce.

Manuel Ochoa, Marketing Coordinator, Altar Produce“The idea of utilizing a car as a marketing tactic stems from our commitment to innovation and thinking outside the box,” Manuel Ochoa, Marketing Coordinator, told me. “We believe that a creatively branded car can serve as a mobile billboard, showcasing our premium quality produce to a wider audience as it travels through various locations.”

Similar to the classic car sporting its products, Altar has origins that extend back to 1998. Extensive experience from the Viveros family helped pave the way for the Altar we know today, which began some forty years earlier in 1955.

“It’s an engaging and eye-catching way to make our presence felt beyond traditional marketing channels and spark curiosity among potential customers,” Manuel continued.

You might have seen Altar Produce’s 1955 Bel-Air Wagon at the Foodservice Conference this past July! The car owner is Dino Iacovino, Sales Representative and industry veteran who has been in the produce business for the last 45 years

Outside of increasing company visibility, Altar has quite a few strategic goals in mind to make its company name stand out to both shoppers and retailers alike.

“Our future marketing strategies aim to establish stronger connections with consumers and final consumers. We intend to create engaging and educational content that not only promotes our products but also highlights their health benefits, culinary versatility, and their role in sustainable agriculture,” Manuel noted. “Additionally, we’re keen on forging strategic partnerships within the industry to drive innovation, explore new markets, and develop products that align with emerging consumer trends. Our goal is to become synonymous with premium quality, a trusted source, and a force for positive change in the produce industry.”

In order to up its company visibility, Altar Produce is employing several marketing strategies

For retailers looking to find a reliable partner that brings farm-fresh asparagus and other quality products to market, Altar Produce is a solid partner.

“We want retailers to recognize Altar Produce as a reliable partner offering not only premium quality products but also a deep-rooted dedication to sustainability and community. Our more than 60 years of experience as a corporation, coupled with our extensive farmland and sophisticated distribution network, allows us to consistently deliver fresh, flavorful, and responsibly grown produce to meet consumer demands,” Manuel remarked. “We take pride in our role as pioneers in introducing asparagus to Latin America and now being a global leader in producing various fresh commodities like green onion, Brussels sprouts, bell peppers, dates, and more.”

Certainly sounds like a company that the buy-side needs to have on speed dial! Keep reading ANUK for the latest in all things fresh produce.

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