Anticipation Builds for Upcoming Oceanside Pole Tomato Season; Mark Smith and James Galindo Comment

Anticipation Builds for Upcoming Oceanside Pole Tomato Season; Mark Smith and James Galindo Comment

OCEANSIDE, CA - The smell of tomatoes still transports me to my grandmother’s kitchen, and for so many consumers like me, tomatoes are synonymous with summer and all the eating opportunities that come with it. Oceanside Pole will soon have pole-grown tomatoes available to retailers starting the week of June 24.

“Our method ensures that we only deliver fruit with unmatched brix levels, robust flavor, extended shelf life, and a clean-slicing texture,” said Oceanside Pole’s Director of Sales and Strategy and Sales Executive Mark Smith. “Picking, packing, shipping, and delivering to retailers within 24 hours, Oceanside Pole tomatoes are truly one-of-a-kind.”

Exclusively marketed by Oppy, Oceanside Pole’s tomatoes are a first-class, vine-ripe tomatoes produced on the company’s 700-acre farm in California and additional 160 acres in Mexico.

Peak volume is expected from late August through October and will culminate around the Thanksgiving season. According to a press release, packaging options include 22 lb two-layer, 25 lb volume fill, 15 lb single-layer boxes, RPCsm, and a 5 lb club pack.

Oppy’s Senior Sales Representative James Galindo has been documenting the season through a video series.

James Galindo, Senior Sales Representative, Oppy
James Galindo, Senior Sales Representative, Oppy

“My vision has been to film this entire season from start to finish. I want it to be as digestible and succinct as possible to help educate those who don’t know the extent of the effort that goes into a pole-grown tomato,” added Galindo.

As the season progresses, these videos will become even more captivating, showcasing the full picture of the harvesting and packing process.

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