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Bridgette Weber Discusses Bard Valley Natural Delights® New Product and Fall Merchandising

Bridgette Weber Discusses Bard Valley Natural Delights® New Product and Fall Merchandising

YUMA, AZ - Every time I catch a cool breeze these days, it feeds my longing for fall. As a consumer and trade news writer, I love this time of year and the way the grocery store changes, colors shift, and food offerings begin to tease the palate with new opportunities. Enter Bard Valley Natural Delights®. The date trailblazer is taking advantage of the changing seasons and showcasing a host of retail opportunities fit for buy-side success as we move through September and into the holiday season.

Bridgette Weber, Trade Marketing Manager, Bard Valley Natural Delights“As we wrap up summer in the Northern Hemisphere and look to the fall, our newest product line, Truffles, offers the perfect combination of naturally sweet Medjool dates and smooth chocolate to drive traffic into the produce department,” Bridgette Weber, Trade Marketing Manager, shares with me. “All three delicious flavors—Chocolate Blueberry, Dark Chocolate with Probiotics, and Chocolate Cherry—are excellent healthy snacking options when you’re looking for something decadent with the added benefits of antioxidants, fiber, and potassium.”

Not only is Bard Valley bringing Natural Delights flavors to inspire, but merchandising tips are the name of the game as well.

Bard Valley Natural Delights® is bringing a host of retail opportunities for the buy-side as shoppers look toward fall offerings, such as the newest Truffles product line

“Supporting our customers with merchandising options and retail displays is very important to us. The best way to get people into the date category is by making sure that people can easily find the product,” Bridgette says. “Natural Delights offers a variety of merchandising options from shippers to mini pallets. And all of them have shown great success in driving sales.”

The beauty in such a category is also found in its consistency. Natural Delights are available year-round, with the company noting how popularity is skyrocketing as more consumers learn about the health benefits Medjool dates offer.

Merchandising tips and retail displays make it easy for shoppers to find products year-round as the category’s popularity skyrockets

“The date category is increasing household penetration, and Natural Delights continues to outpace the growth of the category,” Bridgette details. “Our commitment to retailers and consumers is passionate and innovative. By promoting the benefits of Medjool dates to consumers, we are driving demand, and, with distribution and merchandising options, we make sure consumers can find us when they get to the store.”

Bard Valley Natural Delights are a sweet deal any way you look at it, or, if you are as hungry as I am in this moment, any way you taste it.

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