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Bushwick Potato Commission's Ken Gray Reports on Potato Market

Bushwick Potato Commission's Ken Gray Reports on Potato Market

FARMINGDALE, NY - As a grocery cart staple, fresh produce and its bounty of categories has been one guarantee during the tumultuous past couple of months. In fact, when I checked in on the potato market with Bushwick Potato Commission, Ken Gray confirmed that, if anything, the pandemic has highlighted the value and versatility of fresh potatoes for families in the United States.

Ken Gray, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Bushwick Potato Commission“We believe potatoes will continue to play a vital role as more areas of our country begin to reopen,” the company’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing told me. “Though prices are currently higher than normal and supply has been tight, Bushwick Potato Commission still has plenty of excellent quality storage russets available and is packing new crop red, white, and yellow potatoes from California and Florida.”

Following California and Florida, Bushwick Potato Commission will begin its North Carolina crop in a few weeks with whites and reds followed by yellows, and Virginia will kick off in July with reds and whites first and yellows to follow around July 15.

The Bushwick Potato Commission revealed that the versatility and value of fresh potatoes continues to increase in the wake of recent market changes

“So far, quality is looking good on new crop colors. Warm weather has improved growing conditions. However, we have seen sporadic weather in the East, with some areas experiencing cold and wet conditions early on in the growing season. Overall, new planting and growing conditions have gotten off to a good start and the market as a whole has been steady,” Ken explained, noting that the market for specific varieties, like red, white, and yellow potatoes, remains tight.

All in all, Ken concluded, everything is looking good as potatoes continue their reign as a produce aisle mainstay.

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