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California Avocado Commission to Start Advertising Support

California Avocado Commission to Start Advertising Support

IRVINE, CA - The California Avocado Commission (CAC) is taking advantage of its marketing tools to complement the launch of California avocado season and the start of advertising support. It will use a variety of influencers and their followers to share the benefits of avocados and commission messaging about California avocados specifically. CAC is taking up the opportunity to leverage popular topics of conversation, like hit television series Game of Thrones, among its targeted audience to get a quick response on social media.

Jan DeLyser, Vice President, Marketing, California Avocado Commission“Winter is over. The California avocados are here,” said Jan DeLyser, Vice President of Marketing. “CAC’s topical, themed social posts are examples of the opportunistic, fleet-of-foot marketing that keep California avocados top-of-mind with our targeted consumers.”

According to the company's press release, the commission leveraged interest in the coming final season of Game of Thrones in early April, creating themed social media posts that asked, “Avocados or Dragon Eggs?” The posts had the highest level of engagement of any of CAC’s social posts to date, reaching more than 350,000 impressions, with 36,000 likes, more than 3,000 post shares or saves ,and over 800 comments. This engagement helped bring awareness to the start of California avocado season, with many consumers sharing their love for California avocados and excitement to begin using them.

California Avocado Commission is already receiving positive response from its ad campaign (Photo credit: California Avocado Commission)

“California avocado harvesting is going strong with one week’s volume this month reaching more than 11 million pounds, in time for the industry’s ramp up leading into Cinco de Mayo,” stated DeLyser.

During the California avocado season, influencer activity is ongoing. The commission is working with Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Liz Shaw to help spread the word about California avocado season and avocado nutrition information. Shaw contributed to CAC thematic content called “Cook Like a Californian” in April. Some of the content was featured on CAC’s The Scoop blog, and it included produce-rich recipes featuring California avocados. Further expanding the reach of the program, Shaw’s recipes are also included in communication used by retail dietitians.

For updates on CAC and the avocado season, keep tuning into AndNowUKnow.

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