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Carrie Briones Discusses LIV Organic Produce's Domestic Citrus Program

Carrie Briones Discusses LIV Organic Produce's Domestic Citrus Program

LAGUNA, NIGUEL, CA - Citrus powerhouse LIV Organic Produce is ramping up for the Golden State’s domestic season and driving its categories forward with organic prowess and resources to help retailers bring the premium sector to market. With 2020 just weeks away, there is no time like the present for the buyside to get their new year programs slated.

Carrie Briones, Sales and Grower Relations, LIV Organic Produce“Quality, across the board, is much better than last year with great flavors and consistency already coming out of this season’s harvest,” Carrie Briones, Sales and Grower Relations, shares with me. “This year’s program will help growers to have significantly better returns and retailers to create more impactful sales opportunities—all of which we are really excited about.”

LIV Organic Produce Minneolas bring a sweet deal to produce departments during the winter chill

LIV Organic will be promoting organic California-grown minneolas with a new element to report this year: timing for the crop is earlier than in years past with good size and color. The company will be promoting the category from mid-December through February with peak production for the whole month of January. LIV Organic is currently harvesting from Central to Southern California.

Retailers have great packing options at their disposal with bulk or 2, 3, or 4 lb bags.

“Also, a great Christmas and New Year item that consumers are loving are organic pink variegated lemons in limited production from December through January,” Carrie adds. “This is a fun item for the retailers to have on the shelves.”

Currently, the company is also harvesting lemons, grapefruit, and navels.

Quality grapefruit is a great expression of the high standard in fresh produce departments at retail

The recent storm systems that have come through the state have not impacted the quality of the crop for LIV Organic, and have only slowed down harvest but without significant impact. With good weather conditions during the early growing season and quality being great, demand has been really good going into the holidays, Carrie notes.

“The great thing about being centrally located in Los Angeles is that we are able to ship and load 24-7, to ensure that a consistent supply of product is always accessible for our customers’ warehouses and produce displays,” Carrie says. “With the citrus season in full swing, full and expanded displays showing a commitment to the citrus season would be a key promotional opportunity for all retailers to tap into.”

The domestic season is on and with prime buying opportunities for the holiday spread, the consumer is here for the taking.

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