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Chelan Fresh Discusses the Discovery of the Orondo Cherry Variety

Chelan Fresh Discusses the Discovery of the Orondo Cherry Variety

CHELAN, WA - Chelan Fresh is excited to share the proprietary Orondo Ruby cherry variety, a naturally sweet, sizeable cherry that matures earlier than the native variety.

Mac Riggan, Director of Marketing, Chelan Fresh“The story behind the Orondo Ruby cherry is remarkable,” Mac Riggan, Director of Marketing for Chelan Fresh, stated in a press release. “It wasn’t created in a lab, but rather a gift presented by Mother Nature.”

First discovered in 2008 by fourth generation grower Marcus Griggs, the new variety yields an entirely different cherry from others in the family’s Washington orchard.Orondo Cherry

According to the company, this new cherry stood out by tasting sweeter than the tree’s native variety, while maturing earlier.

“Griggs rolled up his sleeves and went to work planting thousands of new trees to deliver Orondo Ruby to the masses. Now, those efforts are paying off,” Riggan said.Orondo Cherries

The Orondo Ruby’s characteristics include:

  • Higher acidity and sugars than a Rainier or Bing, making it much sweeter
  • A crisper skin than its counterparts
  • Stores better and longer than most cherries
  • Firmer skin with fewer blemishes and less splitting, shown by a 28-day storage test

The only downside, the company noted, is the variety’s short growing season, meaning a limited summer stock. Going to select retail markets, Chelan Fresh currently has a limited supply of the Orondo Ruby variety, available on the shelves starting around June 15th.

As more trees mature, the company looks forward to growing the variety’s yield and distribution.

You can learn more about this latest product, as well as other innovative Chelan Fresh products like Rockit Apples and Cup O’ Cherries, when visiting the company’s website at chelanfresh.com.

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