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Citrus from Chile Celebrates a 20 Percent Increase in Mandarins

Citrus from Chile Celebrates a 20 Percent Increase in Mandarins

CHILE - In the heat of summer, halfway through my hikes in the Sierra Nevada mountains, I, more often than not, reach for a mandarin to quench my thirst. It’s a trick I learned somewhere along the way that refreshes my mind and body when the going gets… hot. Luckily, retailers can look to Citrus from Chile to provide consumers with the beautiful, delicious, and uniquely portable snacks.

Karen Brux, Managing Director, Chilean Fresh Fruit AssociationKaren Brux talks Chilean citrus from the orchards, where she dives into the 20 percent increase in volume over last year and points to the trees surrounding her that are bursting with the tangy delights.

Get ready to promote. Chilean mandarins are available now through the end of October, maybe even into early November. And the crop this year, I have to tell you, what it says on my shirt is true,” Karen explains, as she easily peels a fresh mandarin from the orchard. “They are easy to peel and very easy to love.”

She points out their sweet, juicy, and nutritious qualities right before biting into the crisp mandarin.

Are you salivating yet? You haven’t seen the best of it. Check out the full video above for an inside look at Citrus from Chile’s fresh offerings that are in season now.

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