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Columbine Vineyards Continues Commitment to Columbine Cares Program

Columbine Vineyards Continues Commitment to Columbine Cares Program

DELANO, CA - Throughout its more than 90 years of shipping grapes out of Delano, California, it's been no secret that Columbine Vineyards cares deeply about its local community. Throughout this year, President and CEO, Martin Caratan, and his staff have been hard at work to support Delano’s thriving ag-focused community, working with Delano Joint Union High School District Migrant Education program, as well as lending a helping hand to Delano High School’s on school farm.

For 1,400 students Delano area Migrant Education students, from pre-K through high school, Columbine Vineyards provided each student with a backpack filled with school supplies. In an effort to ensure students this year were able to start the school year off with all the needed necessities, Columbine says that this donation is a relief for many families and can make a meaningful impact on our Migrant youth.

Columbine Vineyards has put smiles on the faces of over 1400 migrant students by providing each child with a backpack filled with school supplies.

In addition to the company’s work with migrant education, Caratan also tasked his staff with collaborating with Delano High School to create a hands-on school farm. In working with the farm, students will learn to plant, grow, and harvest several different types of fruits and vegetables. Columbine provided the school with tractors, workers, and the company’s expertise in order to prepare for planting. After the ground was leveled, weeds were removed, and trash was hauled away, the company then sponsored the installation of an efficient drip system for irrigation. 

“While we are here to support and provide backup, Columbine’s main focus is to help the students shine, to let them take the lead in the care of the farm. The students and staff have been so helpful and wonderful to work with. Their excitement for this project is contagious! Thank you Delano High School for allowing us to be part of this awesome endeavor,” the company said in a press release.

What the company says emerged from the farm’s transformation was an amazing opportunity for Delano High School students to immerse themselves in agriculture, science, and life skills. According to a press release, the school is currently growing broccoli, pumpkins, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts, with more vegetables and fruits slated for future growth. 

To learn more about Columbine Vineyards and more of its #ColumbineCares initiatives, visit www.ColumbineVineyards.com.

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