Cosmic Crisp® Apples Gain Six New Advocates to Inform the Public

Cosmic Crisp® Apples Gain Six New Advocates to Inform the Public

YAKIMA, WA - Washington State University's world-class tree fruit breeding program is launching its highly buzzed-about new branded apple: the Cosmic Crisp®. The program partnered with six out-of-this-world influencers to help boost consumer engagement with the product. Partners include Leroy Chiao, Ph.D. (Retired Astronaut and International Space Station Commander), Lauren Ko (Pie Artist), Dan Koommoo (Farm-to-Table Chef), Nicole Marte (Middle School Science Teacher), Chantea McIntyre (Lifestyle Blogger), and Lori Taylor (fresh produce Advocate and Influencer).

Kathryn Grandy, Director of Marketing, Proprietary Variety Management“The goal is to offer our ambassadors an authentic harvest experience and immersive education about this truly groundbreaking apple,” explained Kathryn Grandy, Director of Marketing for Proprietary Variety Management and Manager of the consumer launch. “We are laying the groundwork for them to each tell the Cosmic Crisp story in a way that is meaningful to their audience and reinforces our differentiated brand.”

These produce musketeers will connect consumers to the product through their social media platforms, building brand awareness and engagement. Additionally, a press release reported that the chosen six will embark on an exclusive tour and private events in late September. Influencers were chosen based on their background’s alignment with the core pillars embodied by the Cosmic Crisp: EAT, encompassing the taste, texture, and other key attributes; PLAY, encouraging the exploration of food; COOK, using recipes, baking, or coming up with unique applications; and INSPIRE, supporting STEM, dreams, and aspirations.

A closer look at the Ambassadors:

Leroy Chiao

Leroy Chiao is a former NASA Astronaut and International Space Station Commander. In addition to his human spaceflight experience, he has spent his time in business, consulting, and speaking, and as a STEM education advocate, specifically with his organization OneOrbit™. Chiao’s passion and drive, paired with his down-to-Earth personality, embody the Cosmic Crisp INSPIRE pillar and program goals. Additional collaboration with astronaut talent management, marketing agency, and National Astronaut day founders, uniphi space agency, a division of uniphi good, LLC, will further elevate the campaign.

Lauren Ko

Lauren Ko is a Writer, Artist, and self-taught Baker rooted in San Diego and now based out of Seattle, Washington. Her inspiring pie designs have been featured in publications such as Vogue, O Magazine, and Buzzfeed, catching the attention of nearly 300,000 fans on Instagram. Her creativity, appreciation for clean and simple applications of fruit in baking, and overall success story are what allow her to embody the COOK pillar of the Cosmic Crisp program.

Dan and Mollie Koommoo

Dan Koommoo is the Executive Chef and Owner of Crafted in Yakima, Washington. Dan and his wife Mollie opened Crafted with the belief that food should come from the source; their menu highlights locally sourced ingredients and celebrates the importance of community and family. Koommoo’s commitment to featuring fresh, local ingredients makes him an easy fit for the COOK pillar.

Nicole Marte

Nicole Marte is a 6th grade Earth and Space Science Teacher in Georgia. She documents her adventures as a Middle School Teacher on her website and social platforms. Followers can expect to find classroom experiments and decorations with a bit of reality mixed in. Her supportive mindset and humble attitude make her a great fit for the Cosmic Crisp PLAY pillar.

Chantea McIntyre

Chantea McIntyre is a mom, a wife, a Blogger, and a friend. Her journey to find inspiration and share with others is documented on her blog and Instagram. She covers everything from motherhood and fashion to lifestyle and travel. Along the way, you’ll also meet her husband and four amazing kids. McIntyre’s story and passion to connect is what makes her fit with Cosmic Crisp’s INSPIRE pillar.

Lori Taylor

Lori Taylor's passion for serving the fresh produce industry is the foundation for The Produce Mom, a blog and brand that educates consumers on how to select, store, and serve fresh produce through various platforms. After spending 10 years working in the agriculture industry, Taylor launched The Produce Moms to help produce companies become better acquainted with their consumers and inspire families to enjoy more fruits and vegetables. Taylor’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle and open communication fits perfectly within the Cosmic Crisp EAT pillar.

AndNowUKnow is so excited for the release of Cosmic Crisp apples, even moreso that we get to follow six iconic influencers as they encourage engagement with the product. Stick with us for more from the Cosmic Crisp team.

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