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Crunch Pak® Debuts Fresh-Sliced Pears for Retailers

Crunch Pak® Debuts Fresh-Sliced Pears for Retailers

CASHMERE, WA – In order to keep the value-added sector on its toes, companies must continue to innovate. Crunch Pak® is taking up this challenge with its new offering of fresh-sliced pears—OPERA sweet, sliced pears, to be exact—for retail customers.

Megan Wade, Product Development and Marketing Manager, Crunch Pak“This was a team effort to develop and perfect the proprietary technology that allows us to slice pears and still keep the integrity of the product,” Megan Wade, Product Development and Marketing Manager, expressed of the program’s evolution.

Continuing with its innovation, Crunch Pak® rolls out a new value-added fresh-sliced pears

With the tagline, “Perfectly Ripe, Delightfully Aromatic,” the company is communicating the essence of the sweet, sliced pears to shoppers.

Wade added that slicing pears was one of Crunch Pak’s initial visions when it laid its roots in 2000, but the technology didn’t exist to get the quality and consistency consumers wanted at the time. The company kept working on research and development in its absence, according to a press release.

The fresh-sliced pears are offered in a 7-ounce package and will be available to customers nationwide beginning in mid-September. The company first introduced its fresh-cut pear technology at United Fresh Produce Association where the product won the 2019 Innovation Award in the best fruit category.

Value-added products are always at the top of our minds at AndNowUKnow, and we will continue reporting on the new and the innovative across the sector.

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