Crunch Time Apple Growers' RubyFrost® Campaign Generates Record Response with Social Fans

Crunch Time Apple Growers' RubyFrost® Campaign Generates Record Response with Social Fans

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LOCKPORT, NY - All the way back in January, Rena Montedoro, Crunch Time Apple Grower’s Vice President of Sales and Advertising, divulged to ANUK that the company’s 2020 RubyFrost® campaign would include a beloved contest called "Baker’s Little Helper." This is the third year that the grower has gone live with the online sweepstakes featuring RubyFrost apples. In just five days, over 10,000 fans entered to win—doubling entries for the entire promotion over 2019.

Rena Montedoro, Vice President of Sales and Advertising, Crunch Time Apple Growers“This is just an incredible response,” Rena said. “This interactive, online promotion is designed to encourage families and their ‘little helpers’ in the kitchen to spend time together, creating fun dishes and sharing pictures, recipes, and tips on the RubyFrost Facebook page. This year, ‘Baker’s Little Helper’ is also driving record online engagement—and driving consumers into retail stores coast to coast.”

As reported in a press release, this zero-barrier sweepstakes is easy to access. Online fans can simply log in for a chance to win by posting their recipe and/or a picture of their "Baker’s Little Helper" making something sweet with RubyFrost apples. Each week, Crunch Time will give away a baking prize pack, including items like rubber spatulas, measuring spoons, and samples of RubyFrost apples. At the end of the promotional period, Crunch Time will give away the Grand Prize—a Ruby Red KitchenAid mixer!

Crunch Time Apple Growers’ 2020 RubyFrost® marketing campaign is already seeing record engagement with the help of its “Baker’s Little Helper” contest

“If you’re looking to move apples in the category, you should lead with a variety that draws consumers in. RubyFrost is an amazing looking apple. Bright red, big, and plump,” Rena added. “With COVID still keeping many at home, the produce aisle is more important than ever. Families are looking for delicious apples that store well and are great for cooking. The Baker’s Little Helper Campaign is perfect for moms and families looking for activities to keep busy. What’s more, the campaign is designed to push traffic to retail doors, not just through the sweepstakes, but any retailer carrying RubyFrost is supported through geo-fencing social media boosting, at no cost to them. Our fans are searching for RubyFrost and we want to make it as easy as possible for them to find the apples—and for retailers to benefit by carrying them.”

Each week of the "Baker's Little Helper" contest, Crunch Time Apple Growers is giving away a baking prize pack, including items like a rubber spatula, measuring spoons, and samples of RubyFrost® apples

RubyFrost apples officially launched in 2015 and have an ideal balance of sweet and tart—deep and rich with a hearty crunch and a perfectly crisp texture. This unique twist on the classic Northeast flavor profile makes RubyFrost an apple consumers can reach for every day. Bursting with vitamin C, RubyFrost’s healthy attributes benefit the whole family. Reaching peak flavor in the winter months, RubyFrost is an excellent choice for warm seasonal dishes, as well as an ideal baking apple, thanks to its plump, luscious size. RubyFrost apples are at national retail chains like Costco, H-E-B, Aldi, and Whole Foods as well as Crunch Time Apple Growers’ farm stands across New York State.

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