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Crystal Valley Foods Partners With Superior Berries to Bring Blueberries to Market

Crystal Valley Foods Partners With Superior Berries to Bring Blueberries to Market

MIAMI, FL - The new year is a great time to start something…well, new! Crystal Valley Foods must be thinking something pretty similar because the blueberry marketer is kicking off a new partnership with Superior Berries in order to add Georgia-grown varietals to its shipping roster.

Katiana Valdes, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Crystal Valley Foods“We are excited about our partnership with Superior Berries,” said Katiana Valdes, Director of Marketing and Business Development of Crystal Valley Foods. “With their experience in growing and packing blueberries, along with their seasoned management team, focus on the cold chain, and research and development, we are confident that we will be offering the best, premium quality fruit this spring.”

The two companies will begin shipping Georgia-grown blueberries under both the Crystal Valley and Superior Berries labels beginning this season, with the first shipments hitting stores in April.

The new partnership with Superior Berries will expand Crystal Valley Foods’ shipping roster of Georgia-grown varietals

In 2003, Superior Berries began its produce journey, which today has culminated in growing and hand picking Southern Highbush blueberries (including Meadowlark, Patricia, Kee Crisp, Indigo Crisp, Farthing, and Legacy varieties) on over 200 acres of berry growing fields in Fargo, Georgia.

Michael Bruorton, General Manager, Superior Berries Company“At Superior Berries, we are committed to ensuring the best, sweetest product reaches our customers,” said Michael Bruorton, General Manager of Superior Berries Company. “We believe that the three most important factors in delivering the best berry are quality, taste, and shelf life. Through our first-class growing and packing practices, we are able to meet our three objectives and pass them on to the consumer. We are looking forward to partnering with Crystal Valley Foods this coming season, as it shares our core values and beliefs in order to deliver premium fruit and vegetables.”

In addition to partnering with Crystal Valley, Superior Berries also has an expansion on its docket, with plans to add an additional 100 acres to its operations in the next year, according to a press release.

Crystal Valley and Superior Berries’ Georgia-grown berries will be available through the end of May. Retailers, spring will be here before you know it, and there’s no time like the present to map out the next season of awe-inspiring produce aisle destinations.

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