EAT SMART Launches New Sustainable Salad Packaging

EAT SMART Launches New Sustainable Salad Packaging

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SANTA MARIA, CA - The fresh salad kit company, EAT SMART, continues to innovate through its latest packaging. EAT SMART’s new logo and packaging now features an eye-catching design on the company’s three salad lines, including SUPERFOOD SELECTIONS™, VINEYARD COLLECTION™ and CHOPPED COLLECTION™.

“EAT SMART’s new identity has already tested extremely well,” commented EAT SMART’s Senior Brand Equity Manager, Jenny Stornetta. “The new brand identity makes it easier than ever to shop EAT SMART with a smart visual language that helps consumers find products that meet their needs.”

Shoppers are paying more attention to the store perimeters and eating plant-centered diets. According to the press release, EAT SMART believes the produce department, specifically the bagged salad kit section, is ripe for branding and the company is poised to take advantage of that opportunity to capture more retailer shelf space and consumer taste buds.

EAT SMART’s new logo and packaging now features an eye-catching design for the company’s three salad lines

With over 3.5 million packages shipped since the innovative rebranding launch in December, EAT SMART is playing it smart. The packaged salads even caught the eye of The Produce Moms’ Lori Taylor, in her list, “20 PRODUCE ITEMS EVERYONE NEEDS TO TRY IN 2020.”

Lori Taylor, Founder and CEO, The Produce Moms“The Produce Moms® did an enormous amount of research and vetting when we put this year’s list together,” stated Taylor, CEO and Founder of The Produce Moms. “We look at a variety of determining factors when deciding which produce items will make the cut. EAT SMART’s product line checked all the boxes; healthy, innovative, flavorful, convenient, and most importantly, the ability to get consumers of all ages to eat more produce!”

SUPERFOOD SELECTIONS flavors include Sweet Kale, Asian Sesame, Honey Dijon Kale, Strawberry Harvest, and Wild Greens & Quinoa. The VINEYARD COLLECTION is a palate of wine-country inspired salads that includes Orange Vinaigrette & Bleu and Strawberry Vinaigrette & Feta. For the CHOPPED COLLECTION, flavor profiles include Avocado Cheddar Ranch, Sesame Almond Crunch, Mediterranean Crunch, Apple Gouda, Bistro Bacon, and Southwest.

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