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eMeals Unveils New Meal-Kits for Vegans at a Lower Cost

eMeals Unveils New Meal-Kits for Vegans at a Lower Cost

BIRMINGHAM, AL - The act of meal-prep can be daunting for consumers who live fast-paced lives and are trapped in the always layering daily happenings. Dietary limitations can make it even more difficult to squeeze the practice into our day. To provide another option for its customers, eMeals has created a new vegan option for its meal kit line.

Scott Jones, VP of Content, eMeals“One of the challenges of going vegan is varying your meals so you’re getting balanced, nutritionally complete meals and aren’t eating brown rice with tofu and vegetables every night,” said eMeals VP of Content Scott Jones, in a recent press release. “With seven new recipes every week, the eMeals vegan plan provides variety and inspiration that helps avoid the same-old-dinner boredom. It’s like having a personal chef who helps you maintain your commitment to a vegan diet by continually surprising you with new and interesting dishes.”

Seven easy-to-cook vegan recipes are sent to subscribing smart-phones or emails. On top of that, special recipes featured on EatingWell that have been approved by eMeals’ plant-based diet experts will be sent to those wanting to capitalize on the company’s new frontier. Some options that consumers can choose from are a one-dish ratatouille with white beans and polenta, portobello mushroom burgers with paprika mayo, slow-cooker three-bean veggie chili, farro pilaf with roasted cauliflower, and a vegetable-packed “meat loaf” featuring cremini mushrooms, peas, roasted red peppers, and walnuts.


Feeling overwhelmed by all those ingredient lists that hit you when you find recipes of your dreams? Fear not! eMeals automatically generates a grocery list that can be used to self-shop or even be sent for by Amazon Fresh, Walmart groceries, Korger ClickList, or Instacart for either curbside or home deliveries. Talk about convenience!

The plant-based and animal-free menus offer creative meals that change on a weekly basis at the low, average cost of $3.50 per serving, half the cost for other meal kit options. eMeals’ collaboration with grocery stores rather than meal kit services brings the pre-proportioned meal set-up to all of our vegan friends' doors at lower rates. To keep costs low, eMeals’ fulfillment options and standard packaging eliminates expenses by measuring, bagging, boxing, and mailing portion-sized recipe ingredients, which are required with most conventional meal kits.

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According to a recent press release, other benefits include:

Flexible weekly meal choices

Customers are able to tap and delete unneeded meals or substitute favorites from eMeals’ recipe box. The customer’s grocery list will be automatically adjusted to accommodate changes made.

Non-vegan options

Customers don’t only have to select vegan options. If new-to-the-game vegan customers are looking for ways to ease into the meat-less and dairy-less lifestyle, they can choose other health-focused meal plans to help pave the way.

More-than-meal-kit grocery shopping

Customers can order more than what they need for their kitchen cupboard. The convenience of this new service extends into all aspects of the home, so customers can big extra shopping trips a happy farewell.

Less packaging waste

eMeals is focused on making shipments more ecofriendly, with no cardboard containers or cooling packets that add unnecessary waste when shipped.

Customers can subscribe to the meal planning system for $5 per month. To check out the sample menus and free 14-day trials, visit www.emeals.com/meal-plans/vegan/. Consumers can find more information at www.emeals.com/how-it-works. Pricing information can be found at https://emeals.com/account/signup.php