Find the ANUK Apple Logo on the Cover of the September 2021, Snack Magazine for a Chance to Win $100

Find the ANUK Apple Logo on the Cover of the September 2021, Snack Magazine for a Chance to Win $100

NORTH AMERICA - We are bidding goodbye to another month, which means another chance at some extra cash for fans of our sister publication The Snack Magazine! Whether you are taking out an actual magnifying glass, or hitting the magnification on your screen to seek it digitally, it’s time to find the ANUK apple on the cover of Issue 61, Pattern of Progress.

If you do not have the physical magazine, click here to view a digital copy of our latest issue.

Can you find the ANUK apple logo on our latest cover of The Snack Magazine September issue?

Once you’ve discovered that extra apple shape (which is among the beautiful fruit decorating the cover but not one of them, so don't be fooled!) send your selfie over to us at [email protected] with the subject line “FOUND the Apple Logo” to join the running for the $100 cash prize.

As a reminder, the criteria for winning is as follows:

  • Your FOUND the Apple Logo photo must include your face
  • And your finger must be pointing to the AndNowUKnow apple logo

The logo you are looking for!

If your photo lands in our inbox ahead of everyone else’s, you could join the winners’ circle, along with some other quick produce pros, including:

  • Joseph Parziale of Bozzuto's (reigning buy-side champion)
  • Rachelle Schulken of Renaissance Food Group (reigning supply-side champion)
  • Betty Tomao of The Save Mart Companies
  • Dustin Meloche of Nature Fresh Farms
  • Danny Ortiz of Sysco
  • Doug Groendyke of Harvest Hope Food Banks

Once that is checked off for your Thursday, take some time to flip through the colorful fall pages, including our deep dives into the minds behind companies like Pacific International Marketing, Bobalu, Giorgio Fresh, as well as a plethora of recipe and merchandising inspiration for your autumn offerings, bite-sized fun with industry innovators, and more.

Be sure to get ready for the competition next round, coming with the fast-approaching October issue. Click here to subscribe to The Snack, valued at $129 per year.

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