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Fox Packaging™ Announces New Sustainable Packaging Solutions at United Fresh

Fox Packaging™ Announces New Sustainable Packaging Solutions at United Fresh

MCALLEN, TX - Fox Packaging™ is again making waves in the packaging community with the announcement of the immediate availability of two new product offerings—the Fox Eco Stand-Up™ bag and the HD Stand-Up™ bag. This will give companies currently using the Fox Stand-Up Combo bag the option to use a nature-friendly alternative.

Aaron Fox, Executive Vice-President, Fox Packaging“It is gratifying to announce these new material offerings as they are a sincere demonstration of Fox Packaging’s dedication to our customers,” said Aaron Fox, Executive Vice President. “As our research and development teams have been driven by environmentally conscious agendas, this is our way of answering that call-to-action and being a continued industry solution.”

The HD Stand-Up bag has a crisp and rigid feel, which is comparable to polypropylene while maintaining increased stiffness.

Fox Packaging's new Stand-Up bags provide a nature-friendly alternative for consumers

“The HD Stand-Up bag offers significant strides in recyclability, holding a RIC of #2, which is a competitive alternative to polypropylene which holds a RIC of #5. This marks a turn in our industry, ultimately empowering consumers with an economically efficient packaging option,” added Jasper Trujillo, Business Development Manager, in a press release.

As the market continues to demand innovative and convenient solutions that are sensitive to naturally derived resources. Fox Packaging is dedicated to staying on the cutting-edge, and is now delivering additional sustainable packaging alternatives to meet customer needs, like the Fox Eco Stand-Up bag.

“The Fox Eco Stand-Up bag employs the same stand-up format and features a new, environmentally friendly substrate. It’s desirable and delivers on the expectations requested by recyclers, retailers, buyers, and most importantly, consumers,” Jeff Reger, Product Manager, commented. “This material advantageously incorporates eco-starch resins, directly and positively impacting waste reduction factors through renewable agricultural resources.”

The stand-up bag features a new environmentally-friendly substrate that recyclers, retailers, buyers, and consumers desire and request

The company’s product line is a fully recycle-program accessible, under the RIC codes of either #2 or #4, and continues to be an innovative solution in sustainable packaging. As the market shifts towards biodynamic products, Fox Packaging engineers efficient, modern designs which highlight bio-polymers solutions, with the added benefit of extended shelf-life.

Craig Fox, Executive Vice-President, Fox Packaging“Our products significantly reduce waste, energy use, and global warming potentials as opposed to traditional flexible packaging,” said Craig Fox, Executive Vice President. “We are determined to push the reusability of our products to assist in diverting plastic from landfills, and to inform our audiences of the reality of the reduce, reuse, recycle reality of our industry. At the end of the day, we are doing everything in our power to ensure that our products meet retailer criteria so that our customers’ products can stay on store shelves.”

To see for yourself, stop by booth #6012!

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