Fox Packaging Hosts IFPA's Fresh Impact Tour Program in McAllen, Texas; Lucas Fox Comments

Fox Packaging Hosts IFPA's Fresh Impact Tour Program in McAllen, Texas; Lucas Fox Comments

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WASHINGTON, DC - Fox Packaging proved its skills as a host of prominent industry players when it welcomed the International Fresh Produce Association’s (IFPA) Fresh Impact Tour program to McAllen, Texas, last May. There, IFPA was able to meet with members to discuss the issues locally and regionally that impact their area.

Lucas Fox, Director of Operations, Fox Packaging

“At Fox Packaging, we believe that progress thrives on the exchange of knowledge and ideas,” said Lucas Fox, Director of Operations at Fox Packaging. “Hosting industry peers and partners, such as the International Fresh Produce Association, at our facilities is a cornerstone of our commitment to fostering innovation. These gatherings are not just meetings; they are incubators for forward-thinking solutions that benefit the entire supply chain. By welcoming collaboration, we are not only participating in the conversation, but also actively contributing to shaping our industry’s future. It is our intention to be a true supply chain partner, and hosting these events allows us to facilitate and engage in the industry we strive to support.”

Industry experts participated in a panel discussion during the event. This included Dante Galeazzi, Chief Executive Officer and President of the Texas International Fresh Produce Association; John Hollay, Director of Workforce Labor at IFPA; and Ed Treacy, Vice President of Supply Chain at IFPA. Local members and nonmembers brought their questions and concerns on issues such as labor, climate-smart ag, and the Farm Bill, a press release stated.

Fox Packaging welcomed International Fresh Produce Association members last May on the association's Fresh Impact Tour program

Additional events of the week included meetings and tours of other regional member organizations including Little Bear Produce, which addressed one of its most pressing concerns: limited water supply.

IFPA staff were then able to witness Reveam’s groundbreaking technology shown to improve produce quality, eliminate pathogens and bioburden, and increase shelf-life to reduce food waste.

The Fresh Impact Tour program allows IFPA to meet members where they are and provide an opportunity for all attendees to gain local perspectives and build local networks.

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