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Frank Paone Discusses Move to Deacom

Frank Paone Discusses Move to Deacom

CHESTERBROOK, PA – After six fun and insightful years with Philadelphia-based Procacci Brothers, Frank Paone has made the jump into the data side in his new position with ERP solution company Deacom. But, Frank says, this move is adding to his career in fresh produce, not closing it.

Frank Paone, ERP Product Specialist, Deacom“I’ve joined an amazing team of brilliant, energetic, and driven professionals at Deacom as an ERP Product Specialist,” Frank tells me, adding that he has joined a group of nearly 100 professionals and counting, all part of a dedicated implementation team that examines and learns all facets of their business to gain a true understanding of how they operate. This in-depth analysis is then applied to create a seamless plan to implement Deacom’s ERP into all aspects of their business. 

The culture, too, is a fit Frank finds inspiring. Deacom, he explains, is driven by the Kaizen business philosophy: a commitment to ongoing and continuous development. 

“It’s great to work in an environment where the team is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to enhance the platform so our customers will always have a competitive advantage,” he tells me, exuding enthusiasm.

So how does Frank intend to bring his fresh produce experience into his newest home, and strengthen the company’s reach in our industry? 

“When I first spoke with the team at Deacom, it was clear that we shared a strong affinity for the impact of data accuracy in running a business and making proper business decisions,” Frank explains. “With so many moving parts and the need to maintain fresh product throughout the entire supply chain, managers of produce businesses rely on information and tools to run their business efficiently and profitably.”

All this, Frank says, can be achieved with a strong ERP software product like Deacom–a team he’s proud to now be a part of.

“In the produce industry’s fast-paced environment, decisions need to be made almost instantly, but this shouldn’t diminish the quality of information,” Franks tells me. 

Such information, like storing and reporting data from inventory, packaging, costs, quality control, all the way through to maintenance, accounting, and labor, are things that Deacom can deliver in a centralized ERP solution. That data can then be entered one time and quickly accessed from different areas of the business.

“It’s evident that businesses in such a fast-paced industry need a solution to stay head of the game and I strongly believe we are that solution,” Frank shares.

It will be exciting to see where this leap takes Frank, and Deacom, in fresh produce operations. 

Congratulations Frank on this newest chapter in your career!


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