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Fresh Del Monte Produce Celebrates Earth Day

Fresh Del Monte Produce Celebrates Earth Day

CORAL GABLES, FL - While Fresh Del Monte has long had sustainability as part of its ongoing commitment to the market, the consumer, and the Earth, it seems that this past year the company has truly elevated its game and highlighted its efforts. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Fresh Del Monte Produce is taking a look at its significant achievements in reforestation and the protection of wildlife, in order to look forward.

Hans Sauter, Chief Sustainability Officer, Fresh Del Monte Produce“Now, more than ever, we need to understand the responsibility we have as corporate citizens,” said Hans Sauter, Chief Sustainability Officer. “The work we employ around our conservation efforts is not one that we take lightly. If we want to Build A Better World Tomorrow, we must continuously improve upon our sustainability initiatives and commit to protecting our planet.”

Fresh Del Monte Produce is celebrating Earth Day by renewing its passionate commitment to its sustainability efforts on a global scale. The company manages over 10,000 hectares of protected forests and has donated over 700,000 trees to the regions where it operates to date. These impacted areas include Costa Rica, Guatemala, Kenya, and the Philippines. Fresh Del Monte’s initiatives have allowed the company to increase the protection of wildlife, preservation of watersheds, and sequestration of greenhouse gases, according to a press release.

Fresh Del Monte Produce is celebrating Earth Day by highlighting its expansive sustainability initiatives and renewing its commitment to protecting the environment

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals around climate action have inspired many, including Fresh Del Monte Produce. The company began documenting greenhouse gas emissions nearly a decade ago. The company’s two largest banana and pineapple operations are now certified Carbon Neutral by SCS Global Services. Just these operations alone contribute zero net gain of greenhouse gases into Earth’s atmosphere.

Today, 74 percent of all Fresh Del Monte-grown pineapples sold in North America and Europe are from the company’s Carbon Neutral farms.

Let’s look at just Costa Rica as a highlight of the advocate's efforts. Fresh Del Monte owns and conserves 9,400 hectares of forest. Of this incredible number, 3,000 hectares have been formally designated to protect wildlife while providing a home to a rich and diverse set of plants and animals, including vulnerable and endangered species.

One of Fresh Del Monte Produce's initiatives is making its farms as Carbon Neutral as possible; 74 percent of all Fresh Del Monte-grown pineapples are grown carbon neutral to date

In its wildlife reserves in Costa Rica known as La Danta, El Tigre, and El General, species inventories carried out by the company have identified over 22 species of mammals, 99 reptile types, 417 bird species, 48 different amphibians, and over 42 unique types of fish. Talk about diversity.

Happy Earth Day to all and a huge thank you to Fresh Del Monte for its continued efforts on ongoing leadership in promoting the health of the planet!

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