Fusion Marketing's Matt Schraut Wins ANUK's Mushrooms Quiz Quix

Fusion Marketing's Matt Schraut Wins ANUK's Mushrooms Quiz Quix

SACRAMENTO, CA - Those of you who have made your name is the produce industry know a little friendly competition is what keeps the thrill alive in our day to day. And in that spirit, we brought you our latest Quiz Quix—Know Your Mushrooms. So, which members of our industry flexed their fungi muscles to beat out the rest to capture our $100 prize?

The race was on, with Jewel Osco Produce Buyer John Contesso, Oppy Greenhouse Category Coordinator Kyla Shelefontiuk, and Denny’s Senior Purchasing Manager Gene Harris all making a valiant effort in the battle to be the fastest mushroom expert. 

Matt Schraut, Senior Category Analyst and Marketing Specialist, Fusion Marketing

But in love, war, and trivia, there can only be one winner, and this round it was Fusion Marketing’s Senior Category Analyst and Marketing Specialist Matt Schraut who took the title and won the $100 cash prize.

“I answered so fast I didn’t leave mushroom for error,” Matt told us when we reached out for comment.

To see who made the leaderboard, check out the list below: 

And because we want you to actually learn something in your pursuit for that top prize, check out the question that stumped most of our takers.

Most Missed Question: 

Who is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for To-Jo Mushrooms?


Kevin Delaney 

If you missed the quiz, it's not too late to try your hand. Test your own skills by clicking the green button below. If you don’t like your score, simply erase your results and no one has to know, not even those of us at ANUK.

Know Your Mushrooms

Keep an eye out for the next opportunity to test your industry knowledge in the days to come. Just sign in either via email or one of several social media accounts and you’ll be all ready to jump into the competition!

Quiz Quix is our way of encouraging some healthy, fun, informative competition within the industry. Signing in will give us a token to verify you and allows us to put your name in the ranking. It doesn't give us access to more than your name and email address. 

Happy quizing to all, and see you soon for another round!

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