The Giumarra Companies Announces Partnership with Reliable Robotics

The Giumarra Companies Announces Partnership with Reliable Robotics

LOS ANGELES, CA - A revolutionary partnership is literally taking flight, as The Giumarra Companies teams up with Reliable Robotics Corporation to test shipments of fresh produce using automated aircraft.

Tim Riley, President, The Giumarra Companies“To call this project groundbreaking is an understatement. We believe autonomous aircraft will transform the future of the fresh produce industry,” said Tim Riley, President of The Giumarra Companies. “This test proved that the technology is viable and will evolve the way we bring products to market by enabling us to deliver fresher, riper fruit anywhere in the country, including remote food deserts, at speeds never before seen.”

As we reported earlier this year, the test flight program had its successful inaugural flight on August 7, where it delivered peaches grown in the San Joaquin Valley to Southern California retail.

Robert Rose (Co-Founder and CEO, Reliable Robotics Corporation) and John Corsaro (CEO, The Giumarra Companies) with Autonomous Cessna172 after landing

According to a press release, the program serves as compelling proof that automation can improve speed and quality for the entire fresh produce supply chain for the following reasons:

  • Utilizing autonomous aircraft, growers and suppliers can quickly and more efficiently deliver farm-fresh produce to stores in less time, resulting in less shrink
  • Retailers, particularly those in smaller or more remote markets, can offer consumers fresh produce available at stores within 24-48 hours of being picked
  • Growers can produce varieties optimized for flavor and texture versus long-haul transportation methods

Robert Rose, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Reliable Robotics Corporation (Photo credit: Reliable Robotics Corporation)“Giumarra is a forward-thinking company and we’re proud to partner with them to show how automated cargo flights can greatly improve fresh food distribution,” said Robert Rose, Co-Founder and CEO of Reliable Robotics. “We believe autonomous aviation is going to change the way we experience food, for the better.”

Reliable Robotics, founded in 2017 by SpaceX and Tesla veterans, has been incrementally bringing its autonomous technology to market. In 2019, the company achieved a fully autonomous flight on the Cessna172 Skyhawk without an onboard pilot. It has also demonstrated automated landing of the larger Cessna208 Caravan and is in the process of certifying its automation platform for use on the Caravan, a popular cargo plane ideal for air shipments of produce.

Members of The Giumarra Companies and Reliable Robotics Corporation team with Autonomous Cessna172 prior to takeoff in Reedley, California

As we look to the sky, we’re seeing not only the future whizzing by—but our industry leading the way.

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