Gourmet Trading Company Expecting Excellent Blueberry Season

Gourmet Trading Company Expecting Excellent Blueberry Season

LOS ANGELES, CA – This past winter was a cold, wet, and oftentimes snowy one for most of the U.S. As the industry thaws out for a delightful-looking spring thus far, reports are rolling in with a preemptive look at upcoming seasons. In this vein, Gourmet Trading Company has announced that its blueberry season is looking to be one of its best yet.

Luciano Fiszman, Blueberry Category Manager, Gourmet Trading Company

“We’ve been really fortunate this year,” stated Luciano Fiszman, Blueberry Category Manager. “Our prime farm locations in addition to our fruitful season means an abundance of fresh and tasty blueberries this spring.”

This year’s crop is looking bountiful for Gourmet Trading Company, as it is boasting increased volume and high-quality crops that have been unaffected by recent weather. According to a press release, this year’s crop may yield some of the company’s best blueberries to date. 

Gourmet Trading Company blueberry field in Delano, California.

The company has partnered with farms in Georgia, Florida, and California in order to cultivate its premium selections. Gourmet Trading Company stated that its farms and crops in the Southeast were fortunate to escape the recent freeze that passed through the area.

Additionally this season, Gourmet Trading Company is especially excited to bring berries to market from its Delano, CA, farm.

“The berries we cultivate here are varieties that are extremely large and flavorful," continued Fiszman. "The farm has some of the earliest production in California, so we can meet the demand of our customers who are eager for blueberry season to start.” 

Gourmet Trading Company Blueberries

To further emphasize the high-quality selections of its spring blueberries, Gourmet Trading Company is bringing its brand to the forefront of consumer interest through high-profile promotions. As we previously reported, the company has continued its partnership with Sony Pictures Animation to bring beloved Smurfs characters back to its packaging.

As spring seasons pick up speed, count on AndNowUKnow for all the latest in crop and market updates.

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