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Grower Dave Gleason Discusses Halfway Point of Apple Harvest, Proprietary Autumn Glory® Variety

Grower Dave Gleason Discusses Halfway Point of Apple Harvest, Proprietary Autumn Glory® Variety

YAKIMA, WA - Domex Superfresh Growers® has added to the video series that gives a unique look into the growing side, this time featuring Chief Horticulturist of Kershaw Companies Dave Gleason on being about halfway through the apple harvest.

In this insightful video, Gleason discusses that looking ahead, Fuji, Cripps Pink, and the company’s signature, proprietary apple, the Autumn Glory®, are on the way.

Dave Gleason, Chief Horticulturist, Domex Superfresh Growers

“For us, we want to see an apple that first of all, is very pleasing to the person who eats it. We want an apple that gives a consistent, wonderful and exciting eating experience,” Gleason said. The company noted in a press release that, for Gleason and its growers, raising Autumn Glory trees has been a journey of finding the perfect variety.

“One that works for the growers from farm all the way to the finish line,” Gleason said of Autumn Glory. “We look for a variety that is easy to grow, productive, grows to the right size, is attractive and catches the eye, and an apple that consistently gives the right eating experience.”

Autumn Glory Apples

Described as a complement to the season’s caramel and cinnamon flavors, delivering the tagline “Experience Autumn All Year.™”

Watch the video for yourself below.

Domex has wrapped up harvesting Honeycrisp, Golden Delicious, and Gala apples for the season, and is currently in the midst of picking Red Delicious and Granny Smith.

As for its proprietary variety, the company is in its first stages of harvest now, with shipments to retailers slated for this fall.

Domex concluded that, after watching the Autumn Glory harvest all spring and summer, it is excited to finally share its signature apple with everyone.

Domex Superfresh Growers®

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