Homegrown Organic Farms Launches New Specialty Citrus Micro-Brand; Craig Morris and Cherie France Detail

Homegrown Organic Farms Launches New Specialty Citrus Micro-Brand; Craig Morris and Cherie France Detail

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PORTERVILLE, CA - With the organic sector already gaining immense traction in the produce industry, Homegrown Organic Farms (HGO) is looking to differentiate its products even further with a new brand launch. The company has announced its Buck Brand organic specialty citrus micro-brand, which will add to its portfolio of similar brands.

Craig Morris, Citrus Category Director, Homegrown Organic Farms“We are very excited to be offering this unique program,” Craig Morris, Citrus Category Director said. “It’s the only program of its kind in the organic market and is a fun addition to our Homegrown organic citrus program.”

The new Buck Brand program includes more than 40 specialty citrus items ranging from kumquats and Finger limes to Buddha’s Hand lemons and Mango oranges. HGO’s plantings for the micro-brand are focused on high-flavor fruit in order to create exceptional eating experiences, according to a release.

Homegrown Organic Farms has announced the launch of its new Buck Brand organic specialty citrus micro-brand

Heirloom Navels are the ranch’s most notable variety, with some groves dating back over 100 years and boasting first-generation, old stock Navel orange trees. Only a small handful of original trees have survived into the 2020s, having to do with weather events like drought, age, or succumbing to market trends that favor breeding for larger fruit. All of these factors make the unique taste experience of Buck Brand Heirloom Navels a rare eating opportunity.

Cherie France, Marketing Manager, Homegrown Organic Farms“The Buck Brand program is so unique and has such a great story to tell,” added Cherie France, Marketing Manager. “We want to bring a bold and fun experience to our customer’s produce departments with this program and get consumers excited for winter citrus items.”

All of Buck Brands’ products are grown on a 250-acre hillside farm outside of Porterville, California—a region that maintains a specific microclimate that better serves the growing needs of the specialty citrus varieties. Historically, the farm has been on the cutting edge of varietal development and anticipates a continued 10 percent increase in new variety expansion over the next five years. Additionally, the program also features a self-sustaining labor model on the farm and packing facility, with the same labor force growing, harvesting, and packing all of the fruit.

HGO’s new Buck Brand program is expected to begin shipping in late November, with the launch being accompanies by social media, content/ POS, and in-store demo support for retailers.

How will this new micro-brand serve to boost HGO’s standing in the organic sector? Only time and AndNowUKnow will tell, so keep reading.

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